Islander notables Saturday

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Media Blog: Cory Witt updated his blog and reports it looks like Kari Lehtonen will get the nod for Atlanta in goal along with some other items.

Mike Comrie and Trent Hunter will wear the “A” on their jersey's until the injured Mike Sillinger and Brendan Witt return to the lineup.

The Islander telecast will have a pregame tonight for what that is worth.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The format of Msg doing content for three teams on occasional pregames at best has been a total failure on every possible level.

In my opinion Islander fans are not interested in Al Trautwig or Stan's Fischler opinion of the Islanders and only seem to appear to make sure to plug the Garden's team.

This is a format that needs to be dumped because now I see these pregames and go out of my way to avoid them.

If a game is on FSN-2 we do not even know there is a pregame because the cable guide for Time Warner does not list a game, just tv guide channel programming.

Newsday: Greg Logan's blog was on Bryan Berard who had a lot to say about all the time he has been on the bench this year, the powerplay and his role and what he's trying to do when he is in the lineup. He also talks about how the turnovers may stick in Ted Nolan's mind but likes being here.

I'm not sure if I will have a postgame blog afterward. It will either be tonight or Sunday afternoon.


  1. I have complained to MSG time and again to no avail that we NEED our award winning pre-game show BACK! This blended coverage is garbage. And because they're not getting the Islander viewership they wanted, they taunt the fans to attempt to get their input. It's horrid.

  2. I completely agree they taunt the fans for e-mails from Islander fans.

    Truth is my choice is leave Mr Fischler, Mr Trautwig and anyone else sitting inside Msg with nothing than give them my input.

    I'm very happy with the current format of a full postgame with the coaches comments to where I do not miss the postgame.

    Personally when these pregame's come on now I just want to change the channel. I do not want to give Msg anything after years of how poorly they have treated the Isles.


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