New York 4, Pittsburgh 1

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Islanders website: Jason Lockhart has the recap of tonight's 4-1 win against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Isles got some good pressure in Philadelphia, this time they took advantage of a team that did not seem willing to play defense or thought it would be easier against a club with twelve players out and it cost them.

I'm a little shocked Isles outworked Pittsburgh to this degree on a third game in four nights considering what's at state for the Pens and Comrie out with the flu with Jackman taking his spot.

Very chippy first period on both sides to start this one, Comeau took a big hit but hung in. Isles took a lot of penalties in the first.

A lot of quality chances and you could see the Pens willing to trade chances early with the Isles creating a three one one and Bergenheim getting several chances until he finally buried one.

Okposo made a great play to feed Park for a shorthanded goal off a big shot, Guerin picked the corner on Conklin and hit the crossbar just before he picked the top corner and Satan found Hunter for a nice play to close to scoring. Early in you could see the Isles gaining the Pens zone easily and even set up some good powerplays and quality chances.

Dubie made a lot of big saves early and shut the door the last two periods and stayed with Malone on a fantastic move at the end, solid all around efforts with Martinek, Spiller playing well and some nice play stepping in from Davison.

This was a different kind of thirty plus shots than they had the night Conklin made his fifty saves mostly from poor angles, far more quality chances tonight the last two periods.

Tambellini got the puck to Satan for his chance which resulted in Hunter's goal.

That's wins over the first and second place teams in this division with half the lineup out.

More tomorrow but a nice effort tonight in front of a sellout crowd on a Monday which is shocking considering their spot in the standings.


  1. It actually was a REALLY good game! As Sean said, the guys are "finally getting it." But it was pretty telling tale looking in the locker room and seeing nothing but a sea of Bridgeport Sound Tiger bags lined up on the floor. They just need to end the season on a positive note, before we all start watching other teams in the playoffs.

  2. Hi 7th Woman,

    It was a very good game. I have no problem with a boatload of players from Bridgeport here full time if they keep finding ways to beat New Jersey and Pittsburgh who are fighting for first place.

    How many bad games have the Islanders been blown out of with this lineup? Even the Tampa game was close until the final minutes.

    Meanwhile Pittsburgh beat the Devils 7-1.

    To be honest outside of Tambellini, Colliton, Regier, Spiller, Jackman usually do something noticable most nights and they all work hard.

    A lot of good signs moving forward, regardless of what happens the rest of the way.

    I can't lie either, Islanders need a lottery pick and a chance to add Stamkos to Okposo.

  3. Well considering that they're not ready to roll over and play dead, so Stamkos may be out of the question, the draft is supposed to be deep enough this season that they SHOULD walk away with something good. And then ya never know... someone just MAY surprise us!


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