What about Garth Snow's contract extension?

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In Greg Logan's rush to stir the pot and create an issue of Ted Nolan's status for beyond next season he forgot to address the real issue and that's the general managers contract status beyond next year.

Who gives a coach a contract extension after a losing season where he could have more term than the general manager?

Mike Babcock's Redwings are the top team in the league, he could become a free agent in a few months if he opts out of his contract here so why is this a major issue now for Mr Logan to a point no pregame was written before the Islanders played Philadelphia?

Mark Herrmann had a full feature on the Ferraro twins btw so please do not tell me there was not space for a pregame.

Those who recall Garth Snow officially retired as a player but I could not find anything on the term of Snow's gm contract beyond his playing status and whether it counted against the cap. No word on what Mr Wang is paying him beyond that to be general manager or for how long but I'm guessing it's three years.

Garth Snow's playing contract should have nothing to do with his gm contract.

Bottom line why should Mr Wang give a contract extension to the coach if the general manager is not locked up first?

As much as I like Ted Nolan and want him to return no coach should have a longer contract than the general manager. You tie them together and fire both together or fire one and then fire the other.

Having written that both Garth Snow and Ted Nolan should be back for next season with no job security beyond that until they show they are taking this franchise in the right direction long term.

Chuck Gormley has an article on John Stevens future coaching status here where Chairman Ed Snider who's as controlling as it gets for owners in this league puts the decision on Mike Holmgrem with regard to the coach.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Snider last year gave Ken Hitchcock a three year extension and fired him before the first month was over after taking a fit in the paper. Anyone who thinks Snider will let Paul Holmgren will decide this if the Flyers fail to make the playoffs should remember Snider was turned down by Colin Campbell for the general managers job before Snider gave the job to Holmgren.
Not to go off topic too far but how come everything I read anything about John Davidson in St Louis are glowing reviews for a man who came in the same summer as Snow and Nolan and is a point behind the Islanders in the overall standings who signed a bust in Paul Kayira? The stuff you read about Davidson and Andy Murray make them sound like they have built an incredible team when in effect their only difference maker has been Brad Boyes.

That's right.

JD has friends in the media business who he has worked with for years so it's overlooked or dumped on Larry Pleau who deserves his share of blame for the struggles before JD arrived but it's time everyone got a share of blame and some of the golden image off the broadcaster turned team president.
Meanwhile out in Los Angeles Dean Lombardi and Marc Crawford are heading for their second awful season in a row.

They have some great prospects to show for it (many from Dave Taylor's losing tenure) but almost lost Dustin Brown last summer with Rob Blake only getting older and goaltending marginal to be kind.

It's going to be a long-term rebuild in Los Angeles too.