Bergenheim not in lineup for Finland at WC

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Sean Bergenheim after barely playing in Finland's last game was not in the lineup for Sunday's 3-2 comeback win against the United States. Major brawl erupted at the end of this game.

Adam Barush had a game miscounduct for butt-ending late in this game. Olli Jokinen was given a match penalty in the first period for Finland. Dustin Brown got a ten minute penalty at the end of the game for a check to the neck/head. Matt Greene got twenty four miuntues for leaving the penalty area. David Backes and Anssi Salmela each received twenty five minutes in penalties.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sure glad Colin Campbell is not handing out discipline.

IIHF: Reported Finland added a forward to it's roster Sunday.

Finland plays Monday against Canada, big win coming back down 2-0 after the second period against the US.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
From what I understand Bergenheim is a healthy scratch but that could be incorrect.. I'll check again on Monday to see if he is in the lineup against Canada. Fair to say a few more players may need to be added for Finland after Sunday's events so if he is healthy he will be in the lineup.

Updated: John Sanful's game summary report does not discuss Bergenheim but Jokinen, Salmela, match penalties draw an automatic one game suspension. Both will miss Monday's game.


  1. I walked by Saku Koivu in the hallway today on my way with my kids to see the Stanley Cup at the IIHF FanFest and I never thought to accost him to see if Bergie was OK.

    If I see a Finnish fan tomorrow during lunch (the rink complex is attached to my office via a giant foodcourt) I'll tap one on the shoulder and ask if they know anything about what's up with Bergie.

    PS - That Fin-USA game today was just NASTY at the end. Really poor officiating.

  2. Bergenheim is injured. It appears it is an old injury he has been carrying for months and played through during the latter part of the NHL season. It is rumored to be groin and back related.

  3. Thanks for the updates from both of you. I knew he had groin issues in the pre-tournament games.

    I would not be surprised to see them shut him down at this point because he is a restricted free agent.

    Gandler as always will not be easy to deal with in negotiations.


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