Open House II Highlights

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Islanders website has the video of Wednesday nights open house at the Coliseum, video runs about thirty three minutes.

Michael Bossy appeared briefly in the video late and talked about the year he was drafted.

Time for a little trivia for the blog readers here.

Who was the player the Islanders were considering with Mike Bossy before scout Henry Saraceno talked Al Arbour into getting him the home run hitter with the fifteenth pick? Adam Kimelman has a full feature on Bob Nystrom with his comments on the 1975 comeback against Pittsburgh. spors: Elite has this as a doubtful rumor but does have an article from a newspaper a few days ago on Frans Nielsen going to Timrå.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Take it with a major grain of salt but it is an article from a newspaper with what appears to be a professional writer which is the criteria I use reading rumors. I cannot even tell you what it says and eliteprospects has Yashin's rumors right next to it and lists this as doubtful. This could be a Bruce Garroich kind of article but what's notable is it's about Nielsen.

Having written that all I do know is Frans Nielsen may have to play in the NHL next season or be close to a situtation where he needs to be exposed to waivers to play for Bridgeport.


  1. The Nielsen piece is rather speculative, it's titled "Possible Replacement". It is based on a possible scenario where Timrå might lose two of its centermen (Hahl & Regin) to the NHL. Nielsen has played in Timrå before and he might be available...

    Quick translation of the first quote from Nielsen's agent in the article: "He would like to stay with the Islanders or some other NHL club. If it doesn't happen, then it will be Europe." (The latter sentence is a little difficult to translate, but that is basically the gist of it.) The journalist also asked the agent if Nielsen would be interested in moving to play in the SEL. The agent's answer: "Yes, I think that he would. Elitserien has a high priority." The agent also said (rough translation): "If he can't get anything in North America and simultaneously Timrå find themselves needing a center, in that case they will be interested."

    So not really news, just speculation and the agent stating the obvious. Timrå's GM comments are of the same variety, they are basically interested in Nielsen, but if they lose their centermen, the replacement doesn't necessarily have to be Nielsen etc.


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