Newsday reports Witt signs two year extension

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Newsday: Greg Logan reports in Newsday's Islander blog defenseman Brendan Witt has signed a two year contract extension with the club worth $6 million with his new contract running throught 2010-11 season. Reported Witt's signing earlier tonight without the numbers.

Islanders website: Reports the signing with comments from Garth Snow and Brendan Witt.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
For those keeping score at home that means Mr Witt will be here for the next three seasons with his 2.5m contract running for 2008-09 before this contract begins.

Seems Mr Witt has bought into the clubs long-term plans, that's a heck of a good signing considering what other defenders have been receiving.

Well done job by Islander management on this one. I kind of expected Sutton to replace Witt.

This seems to lock up a lot up almost the entire defense for the next two season and makes me wonder could the club shop Bruno Gervais with his restricted status or another defender unless someone is expected by out injured much longer than reported?

Chris Campoli was signed on 7/16 for those looking for a time frame or reference point with regard to contract signings.

Just to recap:
Witt-signed through 2010-11
Martinek-signed for next two years.
Sutton-signed for next two years.
Campoli-signed for next two years.
Meyer-signed for next two years.
Streit-signed for next five years.
Hillen-signed for next two years.
Kohn-signed through next season.

One thing for sure, this group needs depth because it's unlikely all six will stay healthy for long.

Updated 12:00am
Newsday: Greg Logan has an article for the paper on the Isles Masterson nominee being resigned by the club.


  1. (sorry meant to comment on this post)

    Great Blog, extremely insightful and well-written

    Quick Question regarding RFA's:

    I see in this post that you mention how Gervais might be expendable on the D side. I was wondering what your opinion is on the Isles trying sign an RFA to an offer sheet or trying to acquire the rights to a player?

    Right now as I write this, there is some quality talent still available and after what happened today with Bernier, I don't see why the Isles should not take a chance. They just re-stocked the farm system and could give up a 2nd round pick in next years draft considering they still have Toronto's.

    Dan Paille, the young winger on Buffalo, is still available as is Patrick O'Sullivan on LA. I'd love to make an offer to Colorado to negotiate with Svatos. Dynamic young winger who would fit perfectly with us rebuilding. So would Fippula on Detroit or Vermette on Ottawa.

    I'm not even going to mention the D-men as I think we are pretty much set with that.

    Would enjoy your opinion on this..

  2. Welcome Big Isles fan and thank you very much for the kind words about the blog.

    I only answered here to your postings.

    I think as we saw with St Louis and Vancouver teams usually match offer sheets with the notable exception being Anaheim being up against the cap last summer with Penner.

    I would start by lookng at clubs with cap issues that cannot match an offer sheet that may have to take players/picks that still have players to sign.

    IE-Nigel Dawes?

    I would guess most of the players you listed would also be matched and with Svatos filing for arbitration he cannot be tendered an offer sheet.

    O'Sullivan is an interesting option but Comrie, Weight and Sillinger are under contract and there are a bunch of prospects and veterans past that down the middle. Take a pick among Park, Hilbert, Nielsen, Colliton, Walter...

    I'm not sure Dean Lombardi would want back Jeff Tambellini for what that is worth.

    Many of those players are at a point they have to clear waivers to return to Bridgeport.

    A Bernier trade or some of the players you mention who are all good alternatives means a winger among Tambellini-Comeau-Bergie have to go or a right wing in Okposo has to return to Bridgeport because Hunter and Guerin are not going anywhere.

    Of course the Isles have assets to trade a Tambellini or a Gervais or they can drop an offer sheet using the three second rounders they already have in next year's draft once Nokelainen hits his games played.

    Lots of option, all good with a lot of depth but you still have to find roster spots and to do that players who I would think are going nowhere would have to leave.

    Thanks again.


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