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Sporting News: Craig Custance reports former Islander Mark Parrish has been placed on waivers by the Minnesota Wild. The veteran forward signed a five-year deal worth $2.65 per year in 2006.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Boy that group that left here after the lockout has fallen far, I cannot see another club claiming Parrish at that price unless it's a team well below the cap.

Of course the same Islander fans crying we want a plan will say bring him back because they do not understand that means Okposo would be locked out of a right wing spot with Guerin, Hunter as the other right wings unless you want to kick Park off the team for him to play on the fourth line?

Time to update the Isles pre and post lockout:

Scatchard got a four year contract, was traded, bought out and is finished.
Peca is reduced to one year contract for low salary in Columbus.
Aucoin spent most of two years on IR in Chicago before being traded.
Hamrlik got a lot more money than his play merits for Calgary or Montreal.
Zhitnik was bought out of Atlanta and is trying out in Russia.
I have no idea if anyone has bothered with Sopel yet after he's moved around.
Updated: Chicago gave Sopel a three year contract in season.
Cairns is retired.
Bates looks like it's almost over.
Webb is retired.
Kvasha-Yashin are in Russia.
Weinhandl is out of the NHL.
Jonsson is back in Europe.
No one wanted Niinimaa and he is back in Europe.
Czerkawski just announced his retirement.
Mike York just limped to a two-way contract with Columbus after several stops.

Anyone else I miss? DiPietro, Hunter, Martinek, Gervais, Campoli remain.

This is why your core youth have to replace what you lose. Scott Burnside decided to bring his gloom and doom to sunny Florida today in an attempt to prove even teams that build with prospects can fail miserably on the ice and be at the crossroads with this players leaving when they get the chance. Canadian Junior Prospect Camp reports Islander prospect Mark Katic assisted on the opening goal for team Red in Tuesday's Red-White game Jared Spurgeon had a second period penalty.

Team red won Tuesday's final game 4-2.


  1. Sopel is with Chicago. He was a training camp invitee with Detroit last September and then left their camp and signed with Chicago. He signed a three deal this past January that will keep him in Chicago until 2011. He actually was a pretty solid defenseman for them last year when he was healthy.

  2. Sopel signed with the Blackhawks last fall, and then they inexplicably gave him a three-year extension mid-season right around the time Freddy Meyer got his extension. I remember posting about it at the time. So Sopel is signed through 2010-11. I just looked up his contract and it's for 2.5M, 2.5M, and 2.0M. I suppose he could prove worthy of the deal, but it seemed so odd at the time based on his recent history.

  3. When you look at that list, looks like MM made some of the right moves, despite the fanbase screaming about a lot of them. Only miscue was Jonsson, but that one was probably out of anyone's control.

  4. Thanks Jim and Isles Outsider.

    I kind of thought he signed but did not see it anywhere. That makes Meyer's deal look like a huge bargain regardless of how steady he looked. Why would a team give him three years.

    Thanks JKP,

    For me Milbury blew it after the lockout when he qualified half his team and a lot of mediocre or declining players when he needed to be cutting ties for Bates and players like that. He did not over pay on his pending unrestricted free agents so others did hoping the Isles were the problem when fact was those players were and are limited.

    Looking back Satan, Zhitnik, York, Lukowich, Sopel were brutal signings or trades.


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