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New York Islander Fan Central | 8/27/2008 01:56:00 PM | | | | | | Brian Compton has a feature on Islander prospects David Toews and Blake Kessel with their comments along with brothers Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Black Hawks and Phil Kessel of the Boston Bruins.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Another outstanding feature from on the teams young prospects, almost seems like the league's staff is doing more on the Isles to make up for what the media is not providing.

Parry Evan French has a feature on defenseman Chris Lee who will be at the Islanders NHL tryout camp in Moncton on Sept. 19 who signed an AHL contract earlier this summer.

THN: Adam Proteau of the Hockey News in a blog entry feels if European players became more fluent in English, there’s little doubt their on-ice talents would garner more mainstream attention than they do at present.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
New York Islander Fan Central feels Mr Proteau should become more fluent in other languages so he can do his job better which is report on these players, not make excuses for selective reporting.

No law that says the owners of THN cannot employ writers who can interview these players and no law the teams cannot provide writers or interpreters for supplemental coverage. It's also unfair of Mr Proteau not to credit many of these players who go out of their way to learn multiple languages which was not included in his article.

What's ironic is Mr Proteau omits Mats Sundin of Sweden speaks English perfectly well and still no one has a clue what he's doing in any language.

Quick Hits:
So our friends at Cablevision are televising all Ranger preseason games running all over North America and Europe and putting it in Newsday as exclusive content?

I guess someone from Newsday will be doing the same for Islander fans shortly announcing every Islander preseason game will be televised with Billy Jaffe and Steve Mears/Chris King providing commentary?

Sure does seem the Islanders have paid for plenty of advertising all over the sports page at the paper, some live televised game preseason games only help hockey marketing in New York.
Not for anything I'm getting tired of Howie Rose never doing anything but the games (as soon as baseball season ends) for this club beyond going on WFAN once a year to barely talk about the team.

Someone want to tell me why Howie Rose cannot take an hour or two and blog on the Islanders changes this summer for our fans?

I think it's time the Howie Rose era comes to an end with the club, our fans deserve better than a part-time announcer who does little else beyond the games themselves.
Nothing but good things to write about Bryan Berard as he heads to Philadelphia on a tryout contract, he stayed healthy in the second half and did a good job concentrating on his defense and cut down his mistakes and proved he can still play in this league at a high level.

The Isles powerplay problems was about the entire team and sure he made some mistakes but he hung in as best as he could on a club with a lot of injuries working against it with some basic weaknesses on the roster. I hope he sticks with Philadelphia and picks up where he left off in the second half and wish him the best of luck.


  1. I am have been having trouble send a letter to NYIFC, everytime I go to send it for whatever the reason it is not going through. Please advise me the easiest way to accomplish this. thanks, Mark

  2. Betting get used to it getting worse. As desperate as they are for summer programming, you know it will be all rag$, all the time. If the Isles did not produce their own show, would they even do any programs on the Isles. (I am sure Devils' fans have the same gripes about the TV coverage, but the NJ papers all cover the Devils, even if they cover the rag$, as well. As for the Rose issue, none of the other guys that are club announcers have blogged a word about the team since July, so you can't just blame Rose. And as for his "annual" Isles-related visit to FAN, can't blame him either when the host starts every interview with, "before we get to the Isles, Howie, the Mets.......

  3. Mark,
    I am not sure what to tell you on this.

    No one has even told me they had a problem getting through when sending mail to or commenting here.

    I do have comments set to moderate to keep spam off the blog and it may take some time for me to get back to folks or approve comments but I always get to everything sooner or later.

    If the problem continues please keep telling me.

    Thanks again.

  4. Paul,

    Even last summer some Islander games were televised once a week and they have an entire network sitting there with no hockey programming.

    Sure it's a Devils issue and I bet a Sabres issue on Msg controlled network up there.

    Isles newspaper issue is of course far worse than the Devils.

    Howie Rose is the voice of this team, he has a blog space on Msg and the Isles created a blog space for Isles voices he can take a little time to give his thoughts on coaching changes or player updates.

    Sure he will be asked about the Mets on WFAN but during hockey season he should be talking Islanders whenever he can.

    That's just how I see it.

    Thanks You.

  5. Hey there. Ready for me?
    Okay. 1) Adam Proteau does a fine job in his own native language. Perhaps the point you were not seeing is that players who speak English get more press than non-english speaking players. (ie. Radek Martinek. Remember when he first came to Long Island, and all he could say was "stick." He's still one of the most under rated players we have, but at least NOW he's being interviewed.

    2) I actually thought that Jaffe was the voice of the Islanders, as I certainly prefer his to Howie's. And Jaffe has been busy filming Islanders Illustrated segments and will be doing a lot more this coming season with the Islanders.

    3) Preseason games and better coverage out of the evil Dolan empire? Hahahahahaha....We're screwed.

  6. I see what you're saying about selective reporting. But Proteau has a point. I'm sure it's not intentional, but that's how it works out.

    Look at the Mets. Their two big stars are David Wright and Jose Reyes. One is white and speaks perfect English; the other is Hispanic and is still learning the language. Guess who has more endorsements and media coverage? Unfair, sure, but that's the way it goes. Just the same, a fan of sports (but not hockey) knows who Sidney Crosby is, but can't seem to remember how to properly pronounce "Ovechkin". The NBA has a ton of European stars, but nobody knows who they are because the media is more comfortable focusing on a guy who gives a better quote or is more "appealing" to Americans. It's the same way everywhere; it's just that the NHL probably has more talented foreigners than any American sport.

    As for Howie Rose, he's employed by WFAN to be a Mets broadcaster. MSG probably gave him a blog just because; I'm sure they weren't looking for him to update it regularly. To be honest, I'm just glad to have him. He probably reaches more people in a week of doing Mets games than he does in an entire season of Islander broadcasts. He doesn't need to do the Islanders. But he does because he's a fan and it matters to him. And even though the Mets are a far bigger draw, if the Isles are in the playoffs or even contention for the playoffs, he's at the Coliseum instead of Shea. That says something to me.

  7. I'll do my best as always Dee whether we agree or not and my guess is this will be the later.

    1) Mr Proteau to me is more a shock jock who would rather bash the Islanders or another club then do the proper research.

    I cannot recall one Islander player who could not speak english at all other than Martinek and he has learned and improved and I cannot recall anyone else in the league who cannot speak english to some degree and still these players always seem to make themselves available. Of course we only get one update a year from Martinek so it's impossible to know.

    I read Mr Protrau's point and disagree, his outlet should be providing more writers who can cover these players and expand the interest in hockey, his paper is called the hockey news and it's a world-wide product covering tournaments in Europe and around the world to make the players more popular and marketable because it's good for THN and Mr Proteau's knowledge and information base.

    To pass it off on the players here simply comes off as a weak excuse by Mr Protreau for his editors not wanting to spend more money.

    To make a point about golf is something different because golf is not a team sport, it's strictly about the individual.

    2) Billy Jaffe and Howie Rose are Msg employees under contract to the Garden, not the Islanders, same as Doc Emrick, Chico Resch or anyone who is a regular in front of the Msg camera.

    To my knowledge Chris King and Steve Mears are Islander employees as is Sherry Ross is to the Devils once she left the Daily News and eliminated her Sunday column.

    Read Mr Rose Msg blog, he had a few updates in 2007 and was AWOL all of 2008 in terms of the Isles.

    I think it's unacceptable and it's an act that for me has gotten old and as much as I love Jiggs covering for him it still does not excuse it.

    3) I agree but someone has to hammer it home and keep it out there for folks to complain and try to correct it.

    Thanks again.

  8. Hi Bryan,

    I think were going to disagree on this one and I'll use your example and ask what would the media reaction be if someone wrote with Mr Proteau did about baseball players?

    My guess is they would be all over Mr Proteau and tell him and his publication to do more and stop the excuses.

    I agree with you I do not think he was being intentional but I did think he was passing the buck.

    One other elemet here, the media is fighting among themselves to market baseball players here, the competition is far greater in the lockeroom than on the field, for hockey in most market that does not happen, expecially New York.

    What's funny was the reaction was when Czerkawski was here and the Polish media crunch was drawing reaction of the limited NY hockey media because they were not used to it.

    Howie Rose has been here since 1996but he's not doing this job as a favor to the Islanders or because the club matters to him. He's a die-hard fan of the other team and will always be known for calling their games.

    Howie Rose is contracted to be there for the playoffs and when they are in contention, he contracted to be there for eighty two games, this job is not a charity or based upon who is the more popular team. Beyond the games he gives this franchise nothing.

    Devils had this problem with Gary Thorne a long time ago when they had Met conflicts.

    For myself popular or not I think it's time we get a full time Islander announcer in here who's interest first and foremost is this team.

    I do not even care who it is but I would have no problem with Steve Mears.

    But like everything that's up to Cablevision, not the Islanders.

  9. As much as everyone would like the team to have a "full time" television guy, it is not goi ng to happen. Just as commented on before, Rose is an m$g employee, and I guarantee that there is not going to be a change. Beofre Rose was hired, the Devils were for a brief time owned by the Yankees/Nets group and were going to have their games on YES until they were sold. If that had happened, m$g would have just shifted Emrick to Isles games since they had him under contract already. Rose is here, unless a network gig, or they get rid of Sam Rosen, he is not going anywhere. I say once again, the teams' Voices' Blog has not been updated by anyone since the end of July, Mears included. Kind of like the Newsday blog, or at least it seems that way with the Newsday one.

  10. Paul,

    I'm not sure because we really do not know the working relationship between Msg Network and the Islanders, Devils or Sabres.

    Doc Emrick has his national games as does Sam Rosen for football, only they know if their bosses are happy with that arrangement.

    All I do know is Joe Micheletti was shifted from the Isles to the Rangers without one thought to the Isles when the Rangers could have promoted or hired someone else among the staff of announcers they have.

    Rose was hired in 1996 by sportschannel before the Msg-Sportschannel/Fox merger, only then did he become Msg property.

    Yankees/Nets was around 2000. When the Devils tv contract was set to expire a few years ago that merger seemed to be over already. Lamoriello wanted Metro channel out and there was an article with his comments he wanted changes along with a television deal close to what the Islanders got long-term.

    With Cablevision about to lose the Mets to SNY (after suing) and having lost the Yankees/Nets they paid his price.

    I have read a few things in the past Mr Wang was not thrilled with Howie Rose, I also recall a release he signed for three more year with Mr Wang's praise.

    This all comes down to what the working relationship is between Wang and Dolan, the Isles have an agreement until 2030 that pays them huge money.

    Charles Dolan and Mr Wang are reportedly friends. Only the folks involved know what the deal is with James Dolan.

    I agree with you about the Isles voices blog but it is summmer and we have seen Chris King and Steve Mears do interviews along with Billy Jaffe.

    Thank You

  11. Interviews on ITV by those guys preventing those guys from doing the voices blog? Isn't that kind of the same thing that we have complained about with the Newsday Blog? They have done almost nothing all summer. And most of what they have done, has been inane.

    And come April, as in the past if the Isles are in the playoffs, you will see Rose not doing Mets' games, but Isles games. If you don't like Rose because he is a rag$ fan, I understand, but as far as his priorities are concerned, it goes according to the "importance".


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