NYIFC Top Ten Hockey Items to Drop/Crush

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A iittle fun for a quiet Monday, a Scott Gordon inteview on a local radio show today
Kjoy.com along with USA Today Kevin Allen reporting Bryan Berard has been invited to Flyers camp in his blog is about all that's happening.

Delcotimes.com: Anthony J. Sanfilippo has Berard's comments on his tryout with Philadelphia along with those of general manager Paul Holmgren.

I'm sure a few older folks remember this on television so I thought being that this is the time of year we see articles about things folks want to change around the NHL in that spirit here at NYIFC we would give our own list of requests as what we would like to see dropped or crushed in terms of hockey.


1. The Eric Lindros (smile) Bobblehead doll.

2. The Shoe Mike Milbury used to beat up a Ranger fan. (Fan/Milbury not included)

3. A nice big bowl of Wendy's Double-Chili.

4. The Mark Messier Leadership Award.

5. A pair of those Roberto Luongo overstuffed pads.

6. Some Red Wings Octopus.

7. The Marine Midland Arena (Buffalo Sabres) first scoreboard.

8. Those ugly Reebok Edge NHL jerseys filled with all the water they hold.

9. Billy Smith's Thirty one cases of Budweiser from his retirement ceremony.

10. Those larger goal nets to match Luongo's pads.


  1. 1) An Eric Lindros bobblehead. A tad redundant? ; )
    2) Never get tired of seeing that Milbury MSG footage!
    3) 'Double chili' was a 10 goal game against the rangers if we recall? They didn't like it if we remember. LOL
    4) The Messier picture is just plane disturbing.

  2. 1) Never saw the Lindros bobblehead and that would look great in the crusher.

    2) Something with Milbury seemed to fit so why not pick is most popular moment.

    3) Double Chilli was something the Isles brought back but I was at this 10-5 game and used to have an audio tape and the place was going wild when the Isles took a game they were trailing 1-0 and made it 8-1.

    4) There is no picture of Messier's award by itself of value so I picked something everyone could laugh at.

    Thirteen hundred blogs and I think that's the first one that actually went away from serious hockey discussion.

    I have one more I'm saving along these lines I may or may not release but that will be it until next August.


  3. The KJOY link doesn't work. Looks like there is something wrong with their site. I want to hear what Gordon has to say. Let me know if you get an updated link.


  4. Hi Patrick,

    I checked the link twice (after you posted this) and both times it brought me to the page and the listen/download for the interview which was right on the main page.

    There was no direct link to the interview itself, just the page but here it is again:

    Thank You.


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