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Toronto Sun: Joe Warmington has an update on Brandon Sudgen with comments from players union spokesman Jonathan Weatherdon and agent Scott Nornton.

Daily Gleaner: Bill Hunt has an interview with Rob Hennigar on how hard he trained this summer for his first NHL camp and what's ahead at prospects camp as he wants to get into an NHL preseason game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Frans Nielsen has the four year contract but make no mistake this twenty five year old will be one player he has to compete against along with Ben Walter and Jeremy Colliton.

The Star: Cliff Fletcher had some strong statements about how much he thinks his club could struggle this season declaring they do not have one top six forward aside from Nik Antropov but some players were on the fringe of that.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Is that Jason Blake's agent I hear on the telephone for Mr Fletcher? Could be a record for someone hired on an interim basis but I suppose if the expectations are played down there is less long-term blame.

How does a club install an interim gm this long then hire a new coach, what's going to happen when a new gm is finally named and he is stuck with a coach he did not hire?

CamWest News/Several outlets: Has the latest on Alexandre Radlov who now wants to return to play hockey in North America according to NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly but did not elaborate when he would return as he defended the players breach of contract because he did not do it in any kind of dismissive way.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I did not see read about anything dismissive from Alexei Yashin or Keith Tkaczuk when they held out under contract either but they still breached their contract and the court of public opinion did the rest. A player signs an agreement they have to live up to that or do not sign it in the first place.

This is kind of reading like a Marx brothers comedy between Bill Daly, Alexander Medvedev and Rene Fasel.

I can almost see why Garth Snow and a lot of general managers simply do not want the problems that come with this process. Draft results do not lie with the recent trends in terms of where players are selected.

It's ok Mr Medvedev decided to finally decided to hold the line on his agreement not to sign players with NHL contracts but Radulov is still playing in his league, Rene Fasel has not done anything to prevent it and now it seems his claims of the NHL signing Russian players under contract was a lot of non-sense or he's simply letting it pass which is not the right thing or fair to those Russian clubs.

If Radulov has a valid NHL contract he should play for only Nashville, if those players with Russian contracts are the property of those clubs they should not be playing for NHL clubs or their affiliates and Mr Medvedev should stand by his claims.

It's not that tough but of course this is all about money and making up the rules along the way.

Finally I absolutely should have included Tom Gulitti who covers the Devils for the Record and does an outstanding job with the Devil coverage in his Fire and Ice blog here when I blogged on Atlantic division writers the other day.

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  1. 1) We agree that Radulov should be held to account like Yashin was in Ottawa. It shouldn't matter for crap how he portrays himself. Dismissive or not. Whatever that means?!
    2) BTW,a pet-peeve of ours is classifying RFA's who aren't playing as 'hold outs' They aren't. Michael Peca wasn't a hold out, Yashin was.
    3) For the record we believe that Yashin got off easy. All he was required to do was come back and get paid/fulfill his contract. No real penalty(other than losing a year of work)
    4) We would have suspended him like they do in NFL hold outs a $$ figure for each day he wasn't playing. In that case Alexei may have had to play 'for free' once he returned. ; ) It certainly would tend to prevent future 'hold out'.
    5) As for Radulov, if he returns in time for camp no harm/no foul. Once the season starts, start docking him!

  2. Hi Faux,

    1. We agree on Radulov and this foolishness from Paul Kelly defending the players actions because he was not dismissive in how he did it. First real thing out of Mr Kelly that made me wonder where he was coming from. His pension fight is where he is doing the correct thing, not here.

    2. Seems the days of signed RFA holding out are a thing of the past
    of the previous CBA. Some teams use the tactic of locking out players for the season now if they are not in camp day one, Islanders have with Bergenheim but he was not under contract.

    3/4. Yashin signed with a team with no media who would protect him (or sell/repair) his image like the Rangers did for Jagr despite what he pulled in Washington and Pittsburgh, Yashin took a brutal media beating and even toward the end of his Islander tenure many started their articles about him regarding what happened in Ottawa first and foremost. Yashin held out in Canada, Tkaczuk in Phoenix so it was treated differently.

    Yashin lost a years pay and had to return and honor his contract, he could not be docked a second year but he did have to live up to his agreement.

    5. Radulov is playng in the KHL right now, anything can happen but he was suspended by Nashville. Not
    too many players leave a team this early once they start playing but for the next week it's no harm/no foul.

    Thank You


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