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Point Blank: Mr Botta had a blog update where he says Newsday will providing more Islander, Ranger and NHL coverage in the paper.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sounds nice, reads well but the Rangers should not be covered at all in Newsday for the same reasons the city editors do not cover the Islanders. If anything Newsday's editors should see the problems with the city papers and double-up on Islander coverage by using the Rangers space in the paper, eliminating all of their coverage.

What Mr Botta should be writing about is this little footnote below Steve Zipay's Rangers blog because that sums it up best about Newsday's increased coverage:

Think Long Island is really Rangers country? Prove it by visiting Steve Zipay's Rangers blog.

The circumstances are a joke considering the sports section is dominated by Islander advertising, so is the coverage and lack of blogs about our team.

No team in the US hockey markets has worse Newspaper coverage than the New York Islanders.

Dallas Morning News: Mike Heika previews the Eastern Conference and lists the Islanders fourteenth writing they appear ready to go with youth, yet they signed Doug Weight?

Mr Heika listed the Devils first or fighting for first based on Brodeur and signing Bobby (older than Weight) Holik.

Quick Hits:
* The Times has a feature on John Davidson of the Blues by media writer Richard Sandomir but did not send a reporter to Scott Gordon's press conference? Comical.

* Islanders have had a few website updates on Rick DiPietro at the NHL team store among other things.

* Tampa's new ownership must be clueless or worse giving up a first round pick for Andrej Meszaros who's a good defender but not equal to the value of a potential lottery pick in another great draft. If Garth Snow gave up his draft pick next summer for this he would be rightful crucified.

Also good for former Islander assistant Jeff Jackson of Notre Dame for blasting Lightning ownership for eliminating a prospect tournament in Tampa.

* Hopefully in a day or two we can stop talking about any Bryan McCabe updates.

NYI Fan Central Update:
Some necessary blog tweaking to make the page load faster with the new prospect center getting priority:

I'm considering opening a second NYI Fan Central Prospects blog for our prospect section.

* Schedule widget pulled for now which is available in several spots.
* NYI Fan Central Widget deleted, if you want it drop me an e-mail.
* Free agent section deleted, will return for trade deadline.
* Widget for junior prospect news deleted, prospect section and slow page loading with advertising not what I was looking for as Newsgator made some changes.

* Some blog header tweaking putting in Duane Sutter and pulling out Brent Sutter as were going for a core of the four centric look. Josh Bailey takes Jeremy Colliton's spot for now, Radek Martinek has his third jersey picture back and as soon as we can classic jersey pics for Nielsen, Tambellini, Bergenheim, Comeau they will be added.

* A core of the four header has been designed for special occasions and will be rolled out when appropriate.

* When camp opens our classic color-scheme with scoreboards, standings will return.


  1. Part of this is obviously that Zipay gives a darn about his beat, while Logan/whoever, does not give a darn about the Isles beat. I understand that the Knick beat might be more glamoruos, but Isles' fans should rue the day that Newsday took Alan Hahn off the beat. Hahn gave a damn about the beat & hockey. Guarantee you will more rag$ coverage, now that Cablevision owns the paper. And the only reason you might see a bit more Isles coverage is because they do not want to piss off any politicians.

    As for the Sandomir piece, much easier to call someone on the phone, then send someone to a local press conference. Of course, Times is still a NY paper.

  2. I miss Alan too, but Greg DOES care, he does.
    You can't possible ask that Newsday doesn't cover New York sports when we are on Long Island. Then they would be the Pennysaver and not a Newspaper. Sad as it is... the Rangers have a lot of fans on Long Island, and a lot that read Newsday. We just have to be ... a little louder than they are.
    Bravo to Botta for still staying in the Islanders info loop. I hope we never lose him and look forward to the announcement of his next big gig. I'm sure it will be awesome!

  3. Dee, I am not saying that Newsday should not cover the NHL's version of the Evil Empire. Newsday has the best blogs of the three "tabloids". It is the only LI based newspaper, and the blog with the least amount entries is the Islanders blog. I know that newspaper people tend to build up vacation time that they have to take (One of my best friends is a sportswriter for a major newspaper), but it is ridiculous that the other winter season sports have had active entries all summer long, excpet the Isles blog. And if Newsday does not give "crumbs" to the Isles fans, then who is? And now that they are owned by the "Evil Empire's" owners, why do I think it is only going to get worse? Mr. Botta is saying that they are going to increase the amount of hockey coverage...including the Isles...I say the cliched thing...I'm from Missouri...SHOW ME. I have my doubts. And by the way, I know Hahn gave a darn, because he used to respond to those who criticized the coverage wrongly. If you look at any Isles related stuff on the Newsday blogs, they always garner the most comments, can't possibly be all from three people.

  4. Hi Paul and Dee.

    Paul, I agree with you about Zipay, he either loves the Rangers or is dedicated to his beat unlike Greg Logan who just does the bare minimum.

    For now I do not think Cablevision has anything to do with it, we'll see if the Isles are given a bump but no doubt the house team will be given the bigger bump, and I don't think Cablevision gives a hoot about what anyone thinks.

    Only sports coverage that will get mainstream attention for bias will be focused strictly on the big market Knicks, not hockey.

    Alan Hahn got very lazy his last years, rarely if ever doing a mailbag and going on a one-man get Yashin out campaign that was pathetic as stories were missed and misinformation was reported.

    Even Mr Botta took issue with Mr Hahn and Newsday in April 2006 on the teams website.

    NY Times has been covering Islander hockey for over thirty years and made a few visits for games, they should have been on hand for Gordon's press conference and mini camp if they went to Bridgeport for Okposo.

    Seems Mr Logan cares about himself far more than being around to promote the positive events for our fans, he's all over everything negative and those mistakes that led to retractions cost this team because of his poor communication with the headline writers.

    What's sad is there are New York Islander fans all over the city and around the tri-state area that show up in big numbers at the Garden and NJ and even the Post, News have noted the big turnouts but not their editors.

    Newsday should have picked up on that and discontinued Ranger coverage for the same reasons.

    Thank You.


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