New York Signs Josh Bailey for three years

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Newsday: Mr Logan is reporting in Newsday's blog an announcement is expected to come after practice on the Islanders regarding first round pick Josh Bailey which speculation suggest is the club signing him to an entry level contact. Mr Botta's Point Blank blog outright says he will be signed here as he blogged on weeks ago.

Mr Logan also had a few strong words on the teams injury policy.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No small thing with a player signing his first professional contract, congratulations to Josh Bailey.

Now we see if he can do enough to stay here for year one, this buys the Islanders the first nine games after which time he goes back to Windsor or he stays in New York all season.

No middle ground on this beyond playing in the WJC, he cannot play for Bridgeport, for now I guess we wait and see if he is healthy enough to play some games.

Islanders website: Announce the signing of Josh Bailey to a three year entry level contract with his comments along with general manager Garth Snow and head coach Scott Gordon.

ITV has several inteviews including the press conference.

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  1. 1) Good for the kid! Just hope he isn't rushed. As you correctly wrote, if he's kept beyond the 9 game tryout period he's locked into staying up here the whole season.
    2) It may be temptig to retain him, but unless he's scoring/contributing/playing a great deal, another year of leading his Windsor team may be best for the kid's development. Not to mention it buys another year until he's a RFA or UFA!
    3) Also perhaps some hockey writers will apologize to Snow for trading down to get him? Nah, we won't hold out breathe. LOL

  2. Hi Faux,

    As much as I agree Snow and Ryan Jankowski did not deserve any abuse for taking what they consider best player available and trading down for him signing Bailey does not mean it was the right long-term decision.

    We'll know that down the road.

    For now he's only played one game and is still not ready, I would guess he'll get a game or two and it depends on how he does vs his best long-term interest.

    Until I see him play a game it's just impossible to know either way.

    Thanks again


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