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But in this instance you are dead wrong writing the Islanders communication was KeyStone Kops unless you were in Edmonton and present when DiPietro and Joey MacDonald were questioned by Mr Logan or around the club when this decision was reached.

The Islanders are in Western Canada getting ready for a game against the Oilers, the team takes the morning skate and it's decided at some point before or after DiPietro will not play.

The beatwriter goes to both goaltenders and reports what both had to say the following morning after the game with their quotes (only part of which could have been printed in the blog/paper) which conflict somewhat but there is no timeline and as I wrote yesterday none of us were in the room or know what the plan was or if it had to be changed.

From where I sit this was an overreaction by Mr Botta and not called for. At the very least he could have spoken to Scott Gordon at some point and gotten an explanation/answer.

This would have been a very good time if instead of writing about KeyStone Kops he intead wrote and told us how this is so different from when he was working for the club vs his past experiences in such matters.

Instead this is the kind of shock jock material Mr Botta himself would usually dismiss or tell us to ignore as he did last summer with some of Newsday's staff.

Similar circumstances a week ago when Mr Botta was in the room at Msg, he reported DiPietro would start against the Rangers only to have MacDonald get the nod because of a groin strain which the coach (a former goaltender) said is normal at this point.

Was that communication KeyStone Kops as well or were the Islanders taking no chances which would seem to be the correct move after all that's transpired? That means nothing is written in stone and things change quickly as they have with Sillinger and a lot of the injured players all season.

A few days later Mr Botta wrote DiPietro should shut things down for the year regardless which is his viewpoint and could be correct in the end.

As I wrote yesterday Mr Botta defended the trainers and for the most part pointed out Scott Gordon's mistakes but also defended him which is fair because unwritten rule is you never take any one side and keep things open-minded for all viewpoints depending on what the news of the day is.

That's the quality I come to expect from Mr Botta which makes his viewpoint one to be read and respected.

For myself I can be critical of a writer/paper one day and praise the work the next, that's what you have to do.

Mr Botta for his part does not blame anyone but writes the communication is Keystone Kops and just leaves it, he does not tell us who he thinks should be blamed after not putting it on DiPietro or MacDonald?

Now Mr Botta blogs again and tells his readers his old friends from the Islanders are not thrilled with him while he now says this version of the DiPietro saga was mishandled?

We do not read about the Sillinger saga or earlier what was the Bailey, Okposo/insert the name of the injured Islander saga.

DiPietro if many recall on 11/26 he had an interview with Dan Martin that flew under the radar here.

If I had any control in running the Islanders I would not be thrilled with Mr Botta either here, this was overdone.

A lot of fair reasons to be critical of the 2008-09 New York Islanders who sit in 30th place with no one happy about things are going and a lot of frustration on all sides.

This was not one of them.

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  1. Am I the only one that is just plain tired of all the DiPietro talk? Really, at this point in what is surely a lost season what difference does it make which goalie starts and which one was told they are starting. If they're still being extra cautious with DiPi, great. If some wires got crossed a few thousand miles away, so what?

    I agree with you that I think CB over-reacted a bit. But I just can't for the life of me understand why all this is such a big deal in the first place at this point. Other than a handful of loyal Islander fans, exactly who is paying attention to them anymore this year?

    Oh well... :)

  2. Hi JKP,

    Happy New Year.

    To be fair to DiPietro and you know I follow all these things he said from the beginning he does not want his injury to be a distraction and he has not spoken often. If others want to hype it into a distraction or create fodder to keep folks stirred up there is nothing he can do about it.

    I do not think that was Mr Botta's intention but maybe he feels the pressure to produce information daily or was rubbed the wrong way by Mr Logan's blog entry when he read the comments.

    I think he over-reacted and obviously the Islanders are not happy about his wording either.

    In this instance Mr Logan did not overhype the siutation, he got quotes from both goaltenders.

    I agree some wires got crossed a few thousand miles away and Mr Botta over-reacted.

    Life goes on, the Islanders have in essence a 41 game preseason ahead, who starts in goal is not as important as making sure whoever plays is not risking further injury.

    We'll see.

  3. Yo. Not only was it an over reaction, but it was incorrect. I did a little checking around and there are plenty of goalies who get the nod right after the pre-game skate. This wasn't really a communication breakdown. But then again, it was a slow news day, so why not stir the pot a little. It get hits and comments.

  4. Dee,

    All due respect but I do not put Mr Botta in a league where he writes things for hits or comments. I see him as a professional which is why his content is carried here in our news section.

    Quality is always far more important than quantity in telling a story and less is sometimes more. I absolutely think Mr Botta understands that but in this instance I respectfully disagree with him.

    Thanks again.


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