Montreal at New York 7pm Msg+: Smith, Bentivoglio Recalled

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/02/2009 11:00:00 AM |
The Islanders will be without Kyle Okposo (day-to-day, strained groin), Mark Streit (day-to-day, strained groin) and Dean McAmmond (day-to-day, sick). They have re-called Trevor Smith and Sean Bentivoglio from the Bridgeport on an emergency basis.

Niagara University: Issued a classy release for their former player by two years in Sean Bentivoglio getting the call for his NHL debut.

Add another two players per game to man games lost to injury starting tonight.

Goaltender Carey Price will not play tonight against the Islanders because of illness. Jaroslav Halak will get the start and Marc Denis has been called up to play the back-up role. - TSN

Updated Player Pos Injury Expected Return
03/10/09 Francis Bouillon D Groin IR. Out indefinitely
03/31/09 Roman Hamrlik D Upper body Questionable for at N.Y. Islanders
03/31/09 Sergei Kostitsyn LW Upper body Questionable for at N.Y. Islanders
03/09/09 Robert Lang C Achilles' IR. Likely out for the season

03/31/2009 CHI 1 @ MTL 4
03/28/2009 BUF 4 @ MTL 3
03/26/2009 TBL 2 @ MTL 3
03/24/2009 ATL 3 @ MTL 6
03/21/2009 TOR 5 @ MTL 2

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Fair to write this is as close as it gets to an elimination game tonight for Montreal who lost both games at home to the Islanders and trailed 4-1 in the Coliseum game before rallying.

Canadians were in New York as Islanders played in Washington.

Should be Danis against his former team who played very well against them last time out, he needs a strong sixty minutes tonight.

I expect the Isles to be a little tired tonight, but sometimes the team waiting starts poorly. Sure would be nice to see the Isles get some calls but that does not seem likely. One thing for sure is you take all the players out and add Streit to this and still play competitive it's all you can ask for.

I do not expect to see Colorado gain another point, which means Isles gain six points in six games they will improve to 29th.

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  1. Does any Islander fan really want to see them pass anyone? After being last in the league for the majority of it what is the point of passing Colorado now? We have a chance to secure a franchise changing player in Tavares or at worse a cornerstone D-man. Passing anyone now will undo all the good we have done in the last few weeks. This team has come a long way and adding especially Tavares would, in my opinion, make them a serious playoff contender for next season. Let's look long term here.

    Jersey Islander fan

  2. Jersey,

    Fans are not playing the hockey games, the players are and they are all in to win every single chance out.

    I want to see them play good hockey and keep progressing. Between the young players and veterans here now all of them have something to play for with future jobs having to be decided.

    The Islanders are going to play the games and if they win out and lose a better chance in a lottery that's the way it will be just like with Atlanta and a few teams who played well down the stretch.

    It's the players good work that is the focus.

    Thank You

  3. nyisles1,

    I agree with your point and when I watch the games believe me I root with all my heart. But I can't help at this point of the season to hope we can get the best chance to land a player like John Tavares. Look at how fast the caps and pens turned their franchises around with Ovechkin and Crosby. I love the talent the Isles have produced but there is a serious dropoff after Tavares and Hedman. If there were a playoff berth on the line I can understand but to just pass the Avs and chance losing a player that can turn this franchise around almost overnight not to mention the impact he can have on keeping the team in long island, I just think it's really not worth it. I'm just trying to think long term here. All being said we all want the same thing so whatever happens let's just hope it leads us to that. Keep up the good work you do a great job. Jersey


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