Silly Season/Real Questions For New York Islander Fans

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I always consider this the silly season for New York Islander Fans/some media, who cannot name ten roster players, but pretend to play expert, with not one article pointing out the nine hundred plus man games lost combined between New York/Bridgeport.

Why do that when it's lazy/easier to discuss ten years ago or longer?

However let's ask a few common sense questions to clear the rhetoric.

1. Must Get A Top Four Defender?
If you want that kind of defender someone has to go, twenty nine other teams are looking for that kind of player unless the return is just as impressive.

All this non-sense I read about Zach Bogosian, I prefer Wishart at this time.

Unless the player is an absolute upgrade why not see what Wishart, deHaan or others can do?

Twenty nine other teams want Drew Doughty, who if you trade for must get a huge front-loaded contract.

2. Who Said PA Parenteau Is The First Line RW?
I personally could live with a twenty goal, fifty point player in his first full season on the top line again, but someone please explain why Kyle Okposo would not be there considering it was his spot before his injury, or that Niederreiter may be that player, or someone else?

Anyone remember why Parenteau was placed on that line? Okposo got hurt, then Hunter, Weight, ect.

3. Why Not A Prospect?
Rhett Rakhshani had sixty two points/twenty four goals as an AHL rookie at age twenty three. Care to explain why the latest Zherdev in UFA is the better choice after Rakhshani has done nothing but progress at each level, and has always been considered a high-end prospect?

Anyone remember the last two summers or the right wings available in UFA?

4.Not Enough Veterans?
Funny, however between Streit returning, Eaton, Mottau, Jurcina, Roloston, Reasoner and Moulson NYIFC must have missed that memo. Last I checked, Haley, Gillies are hardly kids.

DiPietro, Nabokov are veterans, Nielsen was selected in 2003, Comeau 2004.

Doug Weight is also expected to be traveling and working daily behind bench, last year he was not around team.

5. This Team Cannot Win Because They Are Not Ready?
This core group has been together for a while, they absolutely can win with the margin being just as slim between winning/losing than most other NHL teams.

If the New York Islanders fail to win there will be a reason, not being ready to take the next step going into 2011-12 will not be it.


  1. Although I believe this is all moot, as the Islanders are a lame duck team in my estimation, I’d still like to throw in my two cents, regardless……because I’m bored right now.

    Scott Hannan, while not an elite player, is certainly a top-4 d-man. I’m sure with the CBA expiration looming there is some collusion in the NHL owners’ ranks, so who knows if he’ll even tender any offers; however, Hannan is a painless solution for the depth problems at defense, whom is still in his prime years, as a player.

    Of course, I highly doubt Wang would give the green light to Snow to sign him, as he has clearly divested himself of this franchise – spending only enough in player salary to skim the cap floor four years running, now. It is what any businessman does looking to recoup debt incurred on investment. Perhaps, the story you should be investigating at this site is the aforementioned because, although Drew Doughty would likely be the Isles’ best defenseman with a front, back, or side loaded contract, he ain’t coming here…..ever. Well, it ain’t gonna happen, at least, until the franchise moves to Quebec or Wang sells – or probably both.

    Tying my response to your 2nd and 4th statements, Parenteau on the first line or not, and veterans on this team notwithstanding, any reasonable person whom follows hockey knows, once again, before one game is played that the Islanders shot at winning the Cup is infinitesimal/microscopic to none at all. Really, the discussion could end right here, but I will continue:

    Parenteau is a very good role player with a scoring touch on a contender and Rolston, in spite of the fact that he’s been a favorite of mine for a long time, is WAY past his prime and should be retiring. Jurcina is a solid player, but Motteau, Eaton, and Reasoner are maringal journeymen at best. Moulson, despite his age, is not really an NHL veteran in terms of experience, so he’s really not in the discussion. And yes, of course the Islanders could use some TALENTED veterans, WHOM ARE NOT 36 OR OLDER!

    In any case, the Islanders talent level is just not where the other teams in the Patrick/Atlantic division is. The oddsmakers, whom are not stupid, have the Islanders odds of winning the Cup at 70-1. There are 30 teams in the league. Using simple math, if all talent was distributed evenly (it’s not, but that’s the point) 30-1 odds would give them a 3.34% chance at winning the championship (rounding up). However, the Islanders odds of winning the cup is 1.43%, which oddsmakers leave open because they know some will put money down on that kind of bet because of the return. However, when a team has a 1 to 2 percent chance of winning, it is a sign that the oddsmakers really believe they have 0% chance since all odds are usually made with a 2 to 4% standard variation, especially since they are usually not fixed.

    So in conclusion, don’t waste your time. They are lifting the Cup in another city. It is all over. Sorry. I believe it is best for all involved, especially fans on Long Island to get out from under that rock that reads 1983 and realize the only way this team ain’t moving is to have Wang take the Islanders public and sell shares for at least 67% of the franchise. If he chooses to keep the cable entity separate, so be it, but the New York Islanders LLC ain’t gonna be around past 2015, if it’s still a for profit – you can take that to the bank.

  2. You are entitled to your viewpoints, but they do not seem to based on anything other than opinion telling me from game one they had no chance of winning the cup.

    Two years ago New York finished nine points behind the Flyers because of a lot of one goal games, they went to the finals.

    Last year's second half indicates they can win the cup this year considering they kept pace into March with a team that went 23-2 in their own division.

    Regarding Charles Wang, Ehrhoff from Buffalo last week said the Islanders offered him 23 million dollars last week, lame duck owners do not allow their gm to make such an offer in a one day window. Wang also bought into the building in Bridgeport this summer, and again is renovating the Coliseum adding a team store.

    Howard Saffan from Bridgeport made clear that team will be staying until 2021 which is owned by Charles Wang.

    I have no interest in odds makers or outside media that cannot even cover one team much less guess on this one. As for the team leaving who's taking the 90m hotel he will own in 2016 off his hands?

    They do not need another journeyman in Hannan because they do not have a problem that requires such a solution.

    As for Wang's payroll he was spending over 40m before a floor, Grabner and Okposo took five year contracts that only cost 4m more than JVR got in Philadelphia.

    People tend to not walk away from hundreds of millions in cable contract money and we already know what Wang was willing to sign up for here. 89 percent of Coliseum profits vs 14m rent. Without Smg's lease taking recenue he's going to find a local buyer. I suspect that's the framework for a deal in a new or renovated Coliseum.

  3. One other thing....If New York cannot compete in the Atlantic/Patrick how come they took five of six points against Pens at home? Scored seventeen goals against the Rangers and won two of three at home. How come they beat Buffalo, Boston, Detroit, Montreal, Tampa and every playoff team?

    This team had 900 man games lost between both NHL/AHL levels and still had one of the better records in the second half and five 20+ goal players.


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