Dolan's Newsday & Those Who Need Him Cannot Be Trusted On Nassau Coliseum Referendum Reporting/Coverage

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/09/2011 05:17:00 PM | Comment Here

NYIFC has tried for years to get it's message out on this subject. If Charles Dolan bought the Islanders from John Pickett, or there was no James Dolan, we would likely have seen a true partnership that would have only helped hockey's viability in New York.

The New York Islanders for Charles Dolan/Cablevision in the 1980's was what the Yankees are to YES Network.

That was then, this is now.

Sorry folks, anything who believes or does not report the Cablevision Dolans stand to gain a great deal from the referendum failing, simply have another agenda.

That would be an agenda that, runs/hides from the long-standing poor treatment of the New York Islanders in their print or television coverage, which contributed to putting their viability in question.

Many need the Dolan's to stay employed and have nothing to gain by going there, or will even ignore what has happened and defend the company that owns the Cablevision Knicks and a hockey team with one more playoff appearance than the Islanders since 1997.

Those folks will be self-muted or defend Cablevision for their own gain.

The coverage is running exactly as expected here, mostly negative, with anything positive being quickly questioned by Dolan's writers and publication.

What are Dolan's writers going to do? Anything that questions their employer will not be printed, the writer sent packing faster than you can say John Mancini.

Scrutiny of the Garden's 1981 tax exemption is not to be mentioned, anything negative from another outlet receives top billing. The word Dolan never to be used, while Wang is a constant subject, despite his requests to keep negotiations out of newspapers.
What Can Wang/Islanders Do?
They do not own a newspaper or a major television outlet beyond their own website, the folks that own media (representing the other side) will call up their friends and request time to control the message.
If a referendum fails, Mangano has his out for good, Wang too.

I fully expect Ed Mangano to use that out and be rid of the Nassau Coliseum issue for good.

Charles Wang owns the hotel, it's in his best interest to keep trying, however this could well mean the end of his efforts to retain the team at it's present location.

Sure a rejection could lead to the compromise I first wrote about when the project was announced, still what happened in Phoenix will officially be stamped on everything that happens moving forward, the push will be on for the team to leave from all circles.

If a referendum passes on 8/1, I see Nassau Democrats making sure it dies in a legislature vote, or ultimately NIFA because of political party agenda.

A positive referendum vote will be dismissed as not-legitimate because it was done in summer. Has a list of all stadium/area referendum's that have passed and failed back to 1990. Many failed and were constructed anyway.

Ultimately it depends on how much further Charles Wang wants to go. It would be impossible to blame him if he decided he has tried enough. Charles Wang is going to be over seventy if a new Coliseum is approved and constructed, his time as owner is going to end at some point.

NYIFC Viewpoint On Coliseum Referendum:
The New York Islanders are a public trust, with a tradition that is special among all sports teams, never to be placed into the embarrassing position Mangano has put them into.

The Coliseum referendum is a good project that will bring in new revenue, new jobs, and finally get something happening there, it will pay for itself and a lot more. No more Smg taking the revenue Nassau handed them from the Islanders.

Still, Mangano is a joke. Can you imagine if any other team had it's future put to a public referendum? Most/all of them would fail as Mike Bloomberg closed fire-houses to give baseball teams absurd tax bonds.

All those teams in NYC/NJ carved up the taxpayers in the backroom. Edmonton and Quebec will do likewise to it's taxpayers if an arena is built.

Unlike the New York projects which closed neighborhood businesses, or placed the revenue streams inside the owners new theme-parks, a new Coliseum adds capacity, it includes a new baseball stadium, new development on that parking lot. Those projects lowered ballpark capacity.

Wall Street Journal: provides comments from local businesses around Yankee Stadium that support this viewpoint.

A new Coliseum helps what already is there on Hempstead Turnpike.

If a new Coliseum received naming rights, the final four, other major events, a great deal is realistic in what can be gained by voting for this.

Wang's paying for overages, I cannot see a new building coming in at only 350m based on so many other local facilities.

The loss of the team and a shuttered Coliseum will take away the jobs, revenue and tax money a million visitors currently spend going there. The demolition of the Coliseum will take away from outside businesses that desperately need that revenue.

The loss of the Coliseum revenue, has to be passed on the taxpayers, which includes the demolition.

A nightmare for Nassau County on countless levels.

Maybe after a decade of all the politicians running off everyone who does not make their friends money (sound familiar Desmond Ryan?) something will get done there, the taxpayers will be on the hook for that too.

See Roosevelt Raceway.

NYIFC Blog has created a special section on the referendum via the Islanders website.

Dolan's Coliseum End Game:
Dolan rides in like he did with Hartford.

Cablevision pays Wang for the television rights, regains the territorial right for their own teams expansion into Nassau County.

A renovated (naming rights) Cablevision Coliseum becomes a reality with the Long Island AHL Rangers taking over (Wang keeps business at his hotel) games go on Msg+ and that will be it.

NYIFC Endgame:
It's up to each individual to clearly determine who's future interest is being best represented in referendum coverage, which will influence voters.

You know where NYIFC stands on this subject, it's a viewpoint that comes from a sincere and honest place with no agenda or gain ever.

NYIFC is our public trust to give you an honest blog, never anything else.

Our best effort has been provided to NYIFC readers.

Thank You Always.

Hockey coverage will resume via twitter next week.

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2011 New York Prospect Camp Roster

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/06/2011 11:47:00 PM | | Comment Here

Jason Gregiore has signed with Winnipeg.

Islanders News Page: Put together profiles of some (perhaps all) of the players invited to the teams prospect camp. As of this time, I cannot find a starting/ending date beyond Blue vs White game.

Kirill Petrov, Anton Klementyev, Shane Simms/Brian Day (both on 8/15 deadline to sign as graduated college prospects) Tony DeHart, are not included on these lists as of this time. Tomas Marcinko resigned, however he is on an NHL or Europe contract, and not listed here.

Islanders website: released the complete list of players coming to camp.

Michael Fornabaio of the Ct Post speculates, last summers pick, DeHart, did not receive the obligatory offer to keep his rights, nothing to confirm.

Head coach, Jack Capuano, is the uncle of Max Capuano.

Here are the names so far:
Justin DiBenedetto
Casey Cizikas
Max Capuano
Stephen Alonge
Matt Martin
Cody McNaughton
Tyler McNeely
Johan Sundstrom
Ryan Strome
Ben Rosen
Rhett Rakhshani
Tony Romano
John Persson
Dan O’Donoghue
Nino Niederreiter
Brock Nelson
Cody Rosen
Teigan Zahn
Mike Marcou
Brenden Kichton
Mark Katic
Travis Hamonic
Matt Donovan
Calvin de Haan
Art Bidlevski
Anton Zlobin
David Ullstrom
Scott Mayfield
Aaron Ness
Benn Olson
Nicola Riopel
Chris Rawlings
Kevin Poulin
Anders Nilsson
Mikko Koskinen
Mei Ushu
Bennett Schneider
Robbie Russo
Andrei Pedan
Corey Trivino
KJ Tiefenwerth
Mitchell Theoret
Danny Linell
Max LeSieur
Anders Lee
Kirill Kabanov
Brett Gallant

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New York Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/06/2011 10:38:00 AM | Comment Here

As expected, Blake Comeau filed for arbitration. Not necessarily a bad thing, most of those negotiations do not make the arbitrators table.....rarely do teams walk away from an award. The comparative for a twenty goal player can get expensive depending on how an arbitrator rules.

If a player does have a hearing, the only recourse the team has is to reject the award, meaning the player becomes an UFA. There is no lose an arbitration hearing, then trade the player option.

There could be a one year contract, or a long term contract announced before. What's certain is filing means another team cannot sign him to an offer sheet.

The larger potential problem may be Josh Bailey. Bailey and his agent likely want the same commitment/perhaps not back-loaded, that Kyle Okposo received after getting hurt, and struggling most of last season.

Bailey/agent have a good argument not to be thrilled with being moved from center to wing and back. Butch Goring noted this several times last year before Schremp was traded, and after he was recalled from Bridgeport.

As for the rest of the Islanders RFA players, we'll see who accepted their qualifying offers vs who did not.

An article was posted on twitter from Wishart yesterday at a charity event, that he was very happy to be qualified.
Mark Streit, Milan Jurcina, Mark Eaton, Mike Mottau.

This team cannot afford another veteran signing along the lines of the later three, which includes Kaberle to Carolina or whatever happens to McCabe.

Not unless one of the those three are traded.

Best move here is patience, if the market remains the same, you go into the season with the back-line you have.

I will be shocked if Martinek is an UFA much longer, unless his WC injury has other teams/Islanders concerned.

Radek Martinek has signed a one year contract with Columbus.

NYIFC Comments:
Congratulations and the best of luck to Radek Martinek, he will be greatly missed.
PA Parenteau is not a first line right wing? Ok fair enough.

Explain why Kyle Okposo will not be the first line right wing, as he likely would have been from day one a year ago if he was not hurt? He was used there for the bulk of his NHL career.

There is also Niederreiter, as a natural right wing.

No law Parenteau cannot slide down next to Nielsen as his right wing.
Keith Yandle got an excellent deal for the NHL/himself and the Coyotes, easily the most sensible long-term contract this summer.
Regarding Trevor Frischmon, I'm having a hard time seeing how this signing helps, however management has singled out some players that fit this organization. On paper it does not seem to add up for New York or Bridgeport.

Andy Hilbert (failed as that turned out) with Jon Sim presented viable veteran scoring options for Bridgeport last summer.

I have to give management the benefit of the doubt on this one for now.
All I'm going to write about Zenon Konopka (beyond wishing him the best of luck with Ottawa) is anyone who writes whether he was good in the lockeroom or not, has to be in the room daily to make such a statement.

That goes for every single NHL player.
Very sad day to see Nate Lawson leave, the three goalie system makes thing very rough but with so many goaltenders injured, there is little alternative. He is expected to start for his new AHL team.

Lawson, Koskinen, Montoya, DiPietro, Nabokov, Poulin all were injured at points of last season or had spring/summer surgery.
Vacation is coming here, with a return to the twitter box format.

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New York's Game Plan Moving Forward In Free Agency:

The deadline for players filing arbitration is 7/5 at 5pm EST. Blake Comeau will be the player to watch here, we could find out here if Haley/others accept their qualifying offers.

Comeau has filed for salary arbitration.

Updated 7/5:
Islanders website: announced today they have agreed to terms with center Trevor Frischmon on a one-year, two-way (NHL/AHL) contract.

Colorado Springs Gazette: June 30th had his comments about playing in the NHL and why he was considering moving on from Columbus.
The best move so far by the New York Islanders is the one they have not made.

Still, Garth Snow has spots to be filled/key players to be signed/re-signed.

Given the forward prospects that have left Bridgeport, the current open roster spots, with the possible chance of Blake Comeau in a year going UFA, Snow should be working hard to sign left wing Jason Gregoire.

Grand Forks Herald: who broke Gregoire's leaving school reported he was at the draft, and interviewed with nine teams.

Gregoire is not Blake Wheeler, even if he used his clause to explore UFA, but he is a talented prospect with scoring ability.

If Gregiore signed here and did well in camp, it could open the roster for a possible Comeau trade (if he cannot be signed) without some of the contracts comparable left wingers were given on 7/1.

Unless Snow and his staff have targeted another Matt Moulson or P.A Parenteau for Bridgeport, this is the best move to supplement his AHL prospect base after losing Figren, Joensuu.....likely Tomas Marcinko, unless he makes the NHL per his new contract.

Another thing to consider is before Matt Martin uses up his NHL waiver eligibility (160 games) it would be only prudent to seriously consider him returning to Bridgeport and rediscovering his offensive game on the top lines, while Marcinko receives a full look here, who has been signed.

Martin was not as visible as he was offensively the previous year (granted a five game sample) on a regular basis, perhaps it being on the fourth line/perhaps not?

Bottom line here, the Islanders second/third round picks in 2006 are gone, one of the fourth rounders from that draft is signed to play only in the NHL or Europe.

Martin needs to play more, Gregiore would be a good player to have in your system, Marcinko should get an NHL chance before departing likely for good.

This team has Eaton, Mottau, Jurcina signed for next season, they CANNOT afford another middle of the road veteran blue-liner like McCabe, Kaberle ect taking a spot in this lineup. Their limited offensive/defensive ability, with declining skills makes that a non-starter at this point in their careers.

The players in Bridgeport are better potential options, especially Calvin deHaan, perhaps Wishart and Katic right now.

Katic's speed/skill flat out impressed me.....a lot.

If Snow wants to trade Eaton, Mottau or Jurcina, then sign McCabe or Kaberle that's acceptable, not before.

There are twenty eight other teams interested in trading for Keith Yandle, it's not happening unless he's signed long-term in advance and Garth Snow includes a top prospect, or a top draft choice.

You cannot trade for Yandle as a rental, Phoenix needs to win immediately so someone will purchase the club and keep it in Arizona. Don Maloney is likely not going to be retained if the franchise is moved, so his personal best short-term bet is Yandle.

No one is trading a top defender for Nabokov, who's 500k right now looks expensive compared to what Vokoun got, but a steal compared to what so many others received.

What's Next:
For the moment getting contracts done with Josh Bailey, Blake Comeau, perhaps Frans Nielsen beyond one year, along with the move stated above, should be the priority.

If something cannot get done with Nielsen or Comeau, you can include both in a trade for a quality defender. Nielsen's trade value may never be higher, if he has another year struggling on offense it will decline.

No law Tavares-Strome-Bailey cannot be your three centers by fall 2012.

The Dany Heatley NHL tour has now stopped in Minnesota for Martin Havlat here in a late Sunday trade.

From The Hypocrisy/Double Standard Or Selective Amnesia Department:
NY Daily News: decided on an unnamed editorial blasting the Coliseum project 7/4 that is so pathetic, it ignores the same NY Daily News article Yankee Stadium and Citi Field are the Houses That You Built from January of 2009.

NYIFC Comments:
Would not shock me at all if Cablevision picked up the phone and asked for a negative editorial as the LIBN did on June 30th displaying some very selective amnesia regarding other local teams.

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New York Day Two Free Agent Summary:

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2011 10:13:00 PM | Comment Here

Another very smart day for Garth Snow, another foolish day around the NHL.

Nothing out there was done today that could improve the New York Islanders, which was just another brutal day for the NHL market.

What's happening in basketball will be happening in the NHL here by next summer, the agents for our soon to be RFA/UFA will be lining up for the same deals as they should.

That's the real bad news.

Garth Snow has three left wings more productive than Simone Gagne. Michal Handzus had less goals than Marty Reasoner last year, he played in all eighty two games.

Twenty eight other clubs want to trade for Keith Yandle, he's going to want his forty million when he reaches UFA. It's not worth the talent it would take in return to trade for him.

Phoenix needs to make what could be their last stand by winning now.

Jack Hillen scored the same four goals Kaberle did for two teams, is this the player you want to give Calvin deHaan or one of these kids spot to? Not me.

Outside of Tomas Vokoun, who signed a one-year contract with Washington for 1.5m, a ton of poor contracts again on Saturday.

Vokoun's agent played this as poorly as Nabokov's last summer. Wonder how Ed Snider feels about blowing up his roster now for Ilya Bryzgalov, even Tampa giving Roloson three million dollars?

All those backups who got the same or more than Vokoun?

Washington robbing Colorado for a first round pick/signing Vokoun were the biggest winners of UFA this summer by a mile.

What was Dale Tallon thinking with all that money to reach the floor with a true top flight goaltender? He then overspends on mediocrity/retreads, then let his one star get away?

Where is Bill Torrey to explain this to him?

Sadly, there is media defending the spending so out of touch, who don't follow the Panthers.

Someone needs to explain how Tampa's defense is improved with MA Bergeron, Bruno Gervais & Matt Gilroy?

So Toronto gave Tim Connolly almost five millions dollars for a thirteen goal player/minus ten player on a playoff team? That's less goals than Josh Bailey scored two years ago.

What can be said about the Cablevision Rangers that was not written already? I only wish Richards robbed them for even more at that age/price but that's about as foolish as any team can be. Unless the money is absurd or front-loaded no one signs to play for Cablevision.

If it keeps Cablevision from making a run at Tavares or the true star center's upcoming entering their prime, it's worth every penny to our franchise.

Go look at the Dallas Stars scoring last year, Richards had an excellent core group of scoring players. It's a poor gamble at that age, a bad contract, it would be just as bad here. Cue Newsday/Dolan's paid spin-doctors, who's jobs are at stake.

Anyone who claims he signed for any other reason than the money are kidding themselves, he took no discount, as no one ever does to play at Cablevision.

That's 20m pre-lockout up-font to read off the Dolan/Trautwig cue-cards Ted Drury's brother left behind on Ranger tradition.

The good news for him is like everyone else, the spotlight will not be on him in baseball city USA. He had far more attention in Tampa and Dallas.

I could not have hand-picked someone out of UFA to be a worse signing for that franchise. Not jealously, same thinking when Sather was hired/no real plan, but who clearly takes his marching orders from Dolan.

They have a coach who two weeks before he was hired said, Avery does not belong in the NHL, a gm who said if he had Cablevision's payroll they would never lose a game.

Dolan is the dumbest owner in professional sports by a mile. I guess eventually you buyout/front load/hide enough brutal contracts, one pays off.

Richards will not be that player, but he can start talking about Sean Avery again
here who he's reunited with from Dallas.

Twenty million dollars upfront in lockout protection helps to clarify uncertainty.

It will not make for success.

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New York Day Two Free Agent Summary:

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/02/2011 12:00:00 PM | Comment Here Updated Blog Of All Confirmed Signings.

New York Day One Free Agency Summary:

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/01/2011 10:58:00 PM | | | Comment Here

Isladers website: Has Marty Reasoner's comments on coming to New York along with, General Manager, Garth Snow.

Video Highlights: of Reasoner's goals.

Updated Saturday AM:
Rochester Demorat & Chronicle: has an in-depth interview with Reasoner, about how UFA went for him in the past, and why he signed with New York, for 2.7m/two years.

NYIFC Comments:
I'm thrilled Snow stayed out of that mix today.

Reasoner received a bit much in terms of salary, but given today's ridiculous/absurd contracts being give out, it was one of the better signings out there.

Reasoner has the ability to produce double-digit goals, kill penalties, and win faceoffs on the fourth line. Zenon Konopka had two goals, was a minus fourteen and had a ton of fighting mileage on him.

He looked hurt from it at the end of last season.

I have no idea what Konopka is like in the room, what take management had on his outspoken comments. In general fans (this blog included) love it/media like reporting it, but team management's like their players guarded with non controversial statements.

Reasoner will not be controversial, is healthy in terms of games played and most importantly, has far greater potential to produce some goals and points. He is above acceptable in the faceoff/pk department. Your fourth line cannot be a minus. The fight by appointment is one thing, the final score the other.

The Islanders did Konopka few favors with a rookie in Martin, or Gilles as his wingers, but Tampa moved on from him also. Pittsburgh paper asked if the Pens should sign him, so it's possible he will be putting Mario's picture back up.

Will be fun watching the same Pens media that ripped him, now defend him, but they have that act down pat with Matt Cooke.

Only thing more biased was Leaf media giving Brian Burke a pass for going to Afghanistan. If Snow went there, the same media would be all over him and Wang.

They would be all over the other twenty eight teams as well.

How come no one calls out Richard Peddie? Bad for business in those media outlets.
Kabanov was a little surprising, however he must stay in juniors unless he plays in the NHL, there is no Bridgeport option.
Today's disappointment was Joensuu going to HV-71. Out of that trio group of forwards, Figren/Joensuu are gone, Marcinko signed, but unless he is in the NHL, he will play in Europe.

Would have been a good day to revisit Gregiore as others were getting paid.
What Should Snow Do Next:
If Snow wants to move Eaton, Mottau or Jurcina to bring in a lateral signing like McCabe, what's really gained? Same on Kaberle? I would rather see the players here now receive those spots. Martinek is a far better defensive defender than most of those player left available.

You have players out there getting massive front-loaded contracts/salary, who had less/even production than Blake Comeau, P.A Parenteau, who's agents must be celebrating tonight.

I completely understand folks who saw Buffalo lose it's stars (to Philadelphia) get a chuckle out of the tables being turned, however those are brutal signings, even for an owner in his honey-moon spending period.

Today was a day that's going to force another lockout unless the plan is thirty multi-billionaires in a contest to see who can lose the most money a year?

Many of those teams over spending to fill out a roster, seem to have no plan, beyond scuffling the chips, did anyone really improve? I liked Mike Rupp, but at that price/term Cablevision can have him.

Anaheim signed and traded the Islanders, James Wisniewski so Andy Sutton could get huge money/term to get hurt and become a forward? Then they dumped him today while, Wisniewski got what was a desperation overpayment from Columbus.

I like Wisniewski, but not even close to that price. Did Anaheim or Edmonton have any plan at all today?

How's the new season ticket commitments looking Winnipeg?

Guess those riots really rallied the free agents on re-signing with Vancouver?

Do the Flyers have a plan, beyond raiding the Pens, who just crossed the Islanders off their new main rival list?

Ed Snider is just bad for hockey, his impatience only hurts his team. Only thing worse was the salesman protecting the Leafs/Brian Burke for being in Afghanistan which is a worthy cause, but if it were Snow, Wang would be getting roasted alive for not being with his team.

A few Tsn salesman were heaping massive praise on the owners who spend, and are committed to their teams/fans.

Sounds nice, reads well, but those kind of deals were bad for the teams, the fans, who will see their ticket prices increases, and gain virtually nothing but unrealistic exceptions. They are not superstar talents.

Michael Peca, did a nice job praising Peter Laviolette for how he handled things here.

The dancing backup goalies, what they were getting paid to sign elsewhere was ridiculous. Nabokov is a flat-out steal if he was tolled (which we never got official confirmation) at 500k.

What was Colorado thinking?

Why doesn't Toronto want to solve it's Flyer-like goaltending issues and bring in Vokoun? Dale Tallon went off the reservation today, signing popular former names to over-priced contracts is one thing, but they are not improved. That kind of term for Bergenheim makes this blog happy for him, but that's another terrible overpayment.

Roman Hamrlik must have nine lives to receive a two year contract from Washington.

Out long national Sheldon Souray nightmare ended.
Philadelphia's long Jaromir Jagr nightmare began.

I guess the Ranger media fans can once again bash him like they did when he was a cap when they are not covering baseball.

The NHL let Don Maloney spend a lot of money for a franchise that posted a 13m loss above what Glendale gives the league.

Did Al Traugwig fax Mike Rupp that statement to read on

People do understand Brad Richards is a twenty goal/seventy point player... right?

Alexei Yashin had seventy five points his first season here.

We can only hope Dolan does all he can to land him, then again, if Dolan did the talking he will sign elsewhere for sure.

Where's Isiah Thomas when you need him?
Sometimes the best move is the one you do not make, the winners today were the teams that mostly kept quiet.

I liked the deal Tyler Kennedy re-signed in Pittsburgh as the best decision of the day.

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New York Pre-Season Schedule Released/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/30/2011 10:25:00 PM | | | Comment Here

The Twitter box goes up at 12pm Friday as UFA begins. Quickest way to post the signings/ provide brief analysis here. Plenty of radio/media outlets on the sidebar to watch/listen in free agency section.

New York Islanders: Announced their 2011-12 preseason schedule. Training camp will be at the Nassau Coliseum.

Fri Sep 23 at Bruins 7:00 PM TD Bank North Garden
Sat Sep 24 vs Devils 7:00 PM Nassau Coliseum
Tue Sep 27 at Flames 9:00 PM Scotiabank Saddledome
Fri Sep 30 at Devils 7:00 PM Prudential Center
Sat Oct 1 vs Bruins 7:00 PM Webster Bank Arena/Bridgeport

NYIFC Comments:
No split-squad games, two road trips, and this year we did not have to piece it together from other teams sites. A second home game in Bridgeport is also a nice bonus.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports on the game and Bridgeport has resigned, Benn Olson, to an AHL contract.

Sporting News: Reports Christian Ehrhoff signed a ten year contract with Buffalo, forty million dollars, massively front-loaded with eighteen million being paid in the first two season.

NYIFC Comments:
Congratulations to Christian Ehrhoff. He is entitled to make the most money he can as per the CBA, Buffalo is allowed to massively front-load the deal per the rules.

The countless entries here on front-loading speak for themselves, with the damage it is doing to the NHL. In NYIFC viewpoint the Islanders made the correct decision to negotiate and move on quickly if that kind of money is what it took.

Ehrhoff knew little about Buffalo, a lot of calling around. In the end it comes down to money (upfront) from a new owner in the honeymoon period, financial security.

My viewpoint on UFA is I would try a brief quick hit on Erik Cole, and push a trade involving Blake Comeau/Hunter with Mottau/Eaton/Jurcina for a quality defender.

Frans Nielsen is included if another team wants him, as he enters his final year before UFA if that brings a prime defender. Great intangibles, but his lack of five on five scoring at this point is something this team cannot carry as Bailey develops.

If not, I would resign Radek Martinek, who is a better defensive defender on the list of available players out of the remaining players, or see who can win a spot between Wishart, deHaan and the clubs prospects. Donovan, Ness or Katic could be the answer when camp opens.

With the production from Moulson, Grabner and Comeau, a left wing upgrade is far from a necessity or a trade of Comeau, but Cole brings intangibles that are hard to find.

Comeau could hit thirty goals next year, his production over six month is spotty, but the final numbers do not lie, he could produce a bigger number than Cole.

Having written that, the last two years he was silent offensively when he was needed to produce most.

No interest in the older retreads like McCabe, Kaberle or Hamrlik on the backline.

No interest in a massive front-loaded contract to Brad Richards, who will want a NMC and will be a concussion risk, plus brought little success to Dallas. With Tavares, Bailey, Nielsen, Strome, Cizikas, Ullstrom in the middle, it makes no sense to be interested in Richards.

The next fighter by appointment does not interest me unless he can provide a plus rating, with some goals to match.

If that's Zenon Konopka, fine.
If it's someone else, that's fine too.

The fourth line cannot be an even or a minus, it has to be a plus.

Cablevision owned Newsday, will keep it as negative as possible for their competition on all fronts regarding our team, while over-hyping their own properties.

Ted Drury was treated better by the New York Islanders, Yashin looked like Yzerman here by comparison.

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New York 09-10 vs 10-11 Breaking Down Numbers

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/30/2011 02:06:00 PM | Comment Here

Nothing ground-breaking here, just a look back at the regular season, trying to find some common demonator, as to why the 2009-10 team improved by eighteen points, and the 2010-11 team fell into a season ending free fall so early.

Sure the man games lost were dramatically different.

New York finished 27th/30, despite recording 47 points, in their final 47 games, with over 600 man games lost to injury.

Despite Streit's absence for 82 games, the goals allowed were exactly the same from the previous year, even with tons of prospects on defense or rookie signings.

Without Okopso, until January and will little production from him and Josh Bailey, with all these injuries, the team still scored seven more goals than 2009-10.

2010-11 5 ON 5 GOALS FOR/AGAINST RATIO 27th-0.81
2009-10 5 ON 5 GOALS FOR/AGAINST RATIO 26th-0.83

2010-11 SHOTS ALLOWED PER GAME 24th-32.0
2009-10 SHOTS AllOWED PER GAME 26th-31.9

2010-11 GOALS ALLOWED PER GAME 27th-3.15
2009-10 GOALS ALLOWED PER GAME 26th-3.15

2010-11 PP PCT 17th-17.2
2009-10 PP PCT 27th-16.0

2010-11 +/- Plus ten at home/minus 43 on road.
2009-10 +/- Plus ten at home/minus 32 on road.

2010-11 Penalty kill time 25th-511.54
2009-10 Penalty kill time 9th-473.43

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Ehrhoff Negotiating Rights Traded To Buffalo 4th Round Draft Pick

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/29/2011 08:55:00 PM | | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Report the New York Islanders have acquired a fourth round selection in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for the negotiating rights to defenseman Christian Ehrhoff. Has the following from General Manager, Garth Snow:

"We made a significant offer, "I don't want to get into specific numbers, but I felt like we made a good offer and a good run to get Christian to sign." Had a little more from Snow. Ehrhoff's agent, Richard Curran, said his client is asleep at this time in an Associated Press Update but it will be up to Ehrhoff to make the final decision.

NYIFC Comments:
When a player is days from UFA, has waited for the opportunity to pick and choose for years in many cases, he's obligated to test the market and make the best decision for himself.

This practice is becoming more common around the NHL, but still a new concept to the fans in general. In the end Snow got a day's negotiating rights for free. There is no law Ehrhoff if available cannot negotiate with the Islanders again come 7/1.

If not, next free agent. I'm impressed Snow was able to get back anything much less his fourth rounder this late.

Chicago Tribune: Report Buffalo traded negotiating rights to UFA defender, Steve Montador, for a seventh round selection.

NYIFC Comments:
Could be related to a possible Ehrhoff signing in Buffalo, or simply the Sabres know it cannot retain this player.
Former Islander James Wisniewski and Maxim Talbot were both traded under the same circumstances today.

Dwayne Rolson was resigned for three million dollars, no one is accepting discounts.
ITV updated it's exclusive interviews from last weekend's draft, with Jack Capuano, Doug Weight and many of the selections.

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New York Trades A Fourth Round Pick For UFA Christian Ehrhoff

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/28/2011 09:37:00 PM | | | Comment Here

Islanders website: Report the New York Islanders have acquired the rights to defenseman Christian Ehrhoff from the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for the Islanders fourth round selection in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

Several outlets: Report the obvious that Ehrhoff is a pending UFA, and this trade could be simply for exclusive negotiating rights until Friday, when he will be eligible to be signed by any other club.

Career statistics for Ehroff.

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously Garth Snow feels he needs a durable veteran who can produce some goals, but this is a boom or bust move with a very limited negotiating window. He could be traded again tomorrow if it's obvious Snow cannot work a contract.

Snow wants this player, he's going to have to offer over thirty million, he likely wants a big part of that front-loaded. His agent, Rick Curran, will not be giving any discounts.

Edit-Originally wrote former Islander Brian Curran.

The name Dan Hamuis for Atlantic teams a year ago was a bust.

Many will recall Hamuis was traded to Philadelphia last June 20th from Nashville. When the Flyers could not come to terms with him, he was traded a second time to Pittsburgh on June 26th for a third round pick.

Hamuis eventually signed in Vancouver after July 1st, the Islanders were reportedly another team in the mix after July 1st.

Ehrhoff: had a shoulder injury in the Western Conference Finals. Dave Lozo does a good job putting out the economics here for Vancouver, along with what he would bring to New York if signed. Brian Compton released an interview with Josh Bailey, Tuesday night, where the Ryan Strome pick was discussed, along with several topics.
So Katie Strang actually wrote something about front-loaded contracts? The kind twenty other clubs have not been giving out for the same reasons the Islanders have not. Sure it will be turned into a New York Islander-only issue, it's Cablevision's newspaper so that's how it's presented.

NYIFC has been writing about this problem since 2006, of course Cablevision's beatwriter may have still been in high school when Jason Blake, Ryan Smyth were getting front loaded contracts with many UFA from her employers team to say nothing of the massive front-loading around the league, which goes back to the Drury, Gomez, Briere contracts.

Here was one of the last NYIFC Blog Entries on Front-Loading from almost a year ago to the day.

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Bridgeport Hires Brent Thompson As New Head Coach

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/28/2011 06:59:00 PM | | | Comment Here

Sound Tigers Website: Report the New York Islanders announced Tuesday that Brent Thompson has been named head coach of their American Hockey League affiliate, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

“Brent’s background as a player and his recent success as the head coach of the Alaska Aces makes him the perfect fit to show our young prospects what it takes to play at the NHL level,” Islanders General Manager Garth Snow said.

“I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to serve as the head coach of the Sound Tigers,” Thompson said. “I look forward to working with Garth Snow, Jack Capuano and the entire Hockey Operations staff in developing the organization’s prospects into everyday NHL players.”

Thompson served as the head coach of the Alaska Aces in the ECHL the past two seasons. This past year, he led the Aces to a league-best 47-22-0-3 record and the club’s second Kelly Cup Championship in team history. Thompson also won the John Brophy Award as the ECHL Coach of the Year.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio's article on the new coach.

Anchorage Daily News: Has comments from Aces managing partner, Terry Parks on Thompson.

“I pat him on the back and wish him well. “A big piece with him is he understood the young guys and knew how to get the best out of them.’’

Thompson is a former NHL defenseman who prior to arriving in Anchorage served as an assistant coach for AHL Peoria for three seasons. Bridgeport is an affiliate of the NHL's New York Islanders.

NYIFC Comments:
Little to add on the signing itself beyond the team he came from was a re-branded version of the Anchorage Aces. Butch Goring went there to coach after being fired by the Islanders here under an ownership that was broke.

Different circumstances now.

Obviously a coach with Thompson's ECHL success/AHL background has the experience to work at this level. Will Thompson have a good working relationship with Jack Capuano and perhaps change his system so players called up fit Capuano's system? His assistant was already in place.

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Tomas Marcinko Resigned...Dustin Kohn/Jack Hillen Not Qualified

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/27/2011 05:57:00 PM | | | | | | | | Comment Here

Bridgeport Sound Tigers website reported Tomas Marcinko, signed a one year, two-way contract on Monday.

2005 second round pick, Dustin Kohn and Jack Hillen have not been qualified.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has a list (no idea if complete/final) of all NHL/AHL players not qualified here that apparently includes Robin Figren/Rob Hissey, who both signed overseas, but were eligible to be qualified anyway as Jeremy Colliton was.

Rob Schremp was not qualified by Winnipeg.

NYIFC Comments:
These players will likely enter the market come 7/1, however any player not qualified can be re-signed at any time.

Not surprised about Jack Hillen. It was a good risk Snow took signing him at the cost of giving up a year of eligibility, which is why he played his first two games two games in the NHL. The depth chart speaks for itself that there is a lot of competition for jobs here on defense.

Former prospect Jared Spurgeon was not signed here after being drafted, he was initially invited to Minnesota's prospect camp last July. Some organizations are a better fit than others.

A lot of quality players around the NHL, were not given qualifying offers. Roster spots/cap space are tight.

2005/second rounder pick, Dustin Kohn, not being qualified means the final draft class of Mike Milbury's tenure can now be written here.

Outside of Ryan Smyth's brief time here, no positive impact on the NHL organization from the the class of 2005. Obviously not a formula for sustained success.

Islander scout Trent Klatt: discussed the Islanders draft for six minutes.

Garth Snow had a brief video on Bruno Gervais, who was signed by Tampa Bay on Monday to a one-way NHL contract.

Free agency section opened at NYIFC. 2011 Draft section moved to prospect area before being deleted. (all new draft picks, in NYIFC prospect blog)

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UPDATED: Next Up For New York 6/26 Qualifying Offers/Notables

New York Islander Fan Central Prospect Blog: Has more updates/articles on 2011 draft class.

Working on newspaper/website comments from all the new players selected, and a perfect image of that great looking 40th Anniversary logo.

The NHL Draft is concluded, but business is ongoing.

The deadline to make qualifying offers to the teams restricted free agents is Monday at 5pm.

If Garth Snow was asked about who he qualified (as many professional beat-writers have asked respective general managers around the NHL), it did not make the local paper that controls New York Islander coverage as of this time. The beat-writer covering our team, keeps writing Ryan Jankowski, was dismissed two months after the Canadians hired him per their website?

In short: Josh Bailey, Blake Comeau, Michael Haley, Jack Hillen, Dylan Reese,
Ty Wishart, Dustin Kohn, Tomas Marcinko must receive qualifying offers Monday for the team to retain their rights.

Josh Bailey, Blake Comeau, Micheal Haley, Jesse Joensuu, Dylan Reese and Ty Wishart were qualified. Jack Hillen was not as of this time, but subject to change before deadline.

Michael Fornabaio tweeted: Dustin Kohn not on that list of qualified as of Sunday. Tomas Marcinko only other unsigned RFA, not likely to get qualified, this is also subject to change before deadline.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio has a bit more, but nothing new on qualifying offers to the Bridgeport centric-players.

Bruno Gervais, must now be qualified by Tampa on Monday.

Rob Hisey, Robin Figren are restricted, however both signed in Europe. It is possible Snow could qualify them, as he did with Jeremy Colliton.

Some quality players are already salary-cap casualties, who will not be qualified and on the market as unrestricted free agents on Friday.

NYIFC 6/12/11: Entry went into more depth on qualifying offers process and what is next in that process.
It was quite an interesting few days on the trade market with so many clubs scrambling to add/subtract cap space, or those which made outright huge trades, especially Minnesota-San Jose. Dale Tallon, who signed Brian Campbell to his contract with Chicago, traded for it once again in Florida.

As I wrote the other day, the CBA needs some changes, but it's working.

Hopefully Nikita Filatov becomes a star in Ottawa, same as I hoped he did with Columbus. Only issue here is the Columbus Dispatch beat-writers constant digs at the New York Islanders, but not the team they cover, for what was a player clearly mismanaged by the Bluejackets.

Fliatov also bears responsibility.

A lot of that going around this league in the media, knock other markets, not the one where paper needs local team advertising money.
All I ever read is the Islanders are scrambling to reach the cap floor. Really?

The Islanders seemed to subtract Wisniewski/Roloson and still were over any cap floor last December? Hamonic's NHL contract was added early last season, Wishart's first-round contract was called up 2/5/11. Koskinen was called up with his contract, same with Poulin?

Don't believe everything you read in newspapers guessing, or fans sites doing cap numbers, that are not official NHL affiliate outlets. I understand in the absence of official league information folks will accept anything, however that does not make it correct.

How do you think Forbes decided to become NHL experts with only estimates?
Our professional media also uses these kinds of sites now also, very sloppy.
No issue here with Ryan Smyth doing whatever he is allowed to do within the framework of his contract. The Kings can always refuse his request. This is another advantage of front-loading, because Colorado paid the bulk of his money early, Los Angeles paid less, and now if he goes back to Edmonton they will pay the least.

His average cap-hit only helps Edmonton, it's money they will not pay him.

Smyth is finally a confirmed trade to Edmonton.

Darcy Regier really needed Ales Kotalik's three million salary that badly? Robyn Regehr is a solid player, but either Regier was watching old game films of Kotalik or he caught Terry Pegula in the honeymoon spending period?

Color me skeptical Ted Nolan, lasts very long now that Rochester is the Buffalo Sabres affiliate. Regier/Ruff go back to Nolan's time or replaced Nolan. Terry Pegula has his work cut out.

The lack of thanks/praise to former owner Tom Golisano, who kept that franchise going is not appropriate.
The Islanders website coverage was frankly not good this weekend, virtually nothing archived (at least yet) from the scouts, or Snow in articles. Seemed to go video centric, and a lot of that was NHL-related.

A lot was done live with a team centric-ITV feed, it has not been made available as of yet.

Having written that those folks have been working very hard, and have had to go above and beyond for a while. Press conferences with Mangano at Coliseum, coverage in Las Vegas, in Minnesota, from the draft party.

Hopefully Wang meant his employees, when he praised the folks working round the clock, the other day. They sure do deserve it.
I understand the hype will start soon to add UFA.

Look at the current roster and how many players are signed? Not immune to trades, or signings, but as I have written every year, to add, you must subtract.

No folks, this team does not need Brad Richards front-loaded, likely over 50m dollars/hopefully without concussions. Tavares, Bailey, Nielsen, Strome, Nelson, Cizikas, Ullstrom, and all the other centers under contract are good enough unless Snow is looking ahead to UFA for Nielsen, who is not a five on five scorer.

If Snow trades Nielsen, includes in a defender (Eaton/Mottau/Jurcina) in a deal and them wants to make a run at Richards, that risk makes more sense.

You qualify Josh Bailey, put him at center, and leave him there, unless a team is offering a star player at Bailey's age.
No idea what will happen with the goaltending. I do not like the idea of three top quality players, who need to be number one goaltenders sharing the work in Bridgeport, who's head-coaching search just got much tougher with all the AHL hiring by their parent teams.

I more than understand two are coming off surgery, same as at this level. No doubt the Islanders do not know how to proceed either.
As for NYIFC a free agency section will be setup Tuesday/Wednesday.
I like the new sidebar format for information, sorry the old one failed during draft.
Considering a twitter box for Islander centric/former players only here.

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New York On The Clock: Day Two 2011 NHL Draft

New York Islander Fan Central Prospect Blog: Has full profiles set up for all the 2011 selections, with 2011-12 information, background, local coverage. More will be added in coming days.

BRUNO GERVAIS HAS BEEN TRADED TO TAMPA BAY FOR FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS. Has comments from Gervais, and former Islander Nate Thompson. St Petersburg Times: Has more from Gervais, Tampa, on why they traded for him.

NYIFC Comments:
Nothing but the best for Bruno Gervais. First class from day he was drafted, to his classy thank you tweet to the fans today.

New York selected defender Scott Mayfield: with their first selection in the second round. Scott Mayfield: CSB profile with video & Islanders website profile.

Denver Post: has a Sunday interview with Mayfield.

Johan Sundstrom was New York's second selection/second round. He gave an interview in a European newspaper.

D Andrei Pedan: is the Islanders third round selection, he was the #32 overall pick in the CHL import draft by the Guelph Storm in 2009. Guelph Mercury: Had comments from Storm coach Scott Walker:
“All I know is that the sky is the limit for this guy. He absolutely has the tools to play in the NHL ... now he just has to mature as a defenceman.”

Pedan will head back to Russia for the rest of the summer, returning for training camp at the end of August.

New York selected Robbie Russo with their fourth round selection.

New York selected John Persson WHL & Brenden Kichton with the teams fifth round selections.

New York selected Mitchell Theoret with their 7th round selection of the 2011 NHL draft.

NYIFC Comments:
Overall, ask me in five years and that may not be enough time. Snow/staff stocked up on size, skill, they seemed to get some highly ranked players.

A new feeder was setup here on sidebars for media twitter/news. Islanders website is posting video/updates on selections.

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New York Selects.......C RYAN STROME

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/24/2011 06:40:00 PM | | Comment Here

New York has selected Ryan Strome with the fifth overall selection in the 2011 NHL draft. Islanders website: has the release with comments from, General Manager, Garth Snow. Has Islanders video at podium making the selection.

NYIFC Comments:
Impression is this is not a vote of confidence for Josh Bailey or Frans Nielsen long-term. Strome is a center, Cizikas, Ullstrom, Brock Nelson also centers, but the speed and scoring speak for themselves. Even I knew no way Larsson falls past Devils, the lottery drop was difference.

Okposo made pick, Weight, Weight, Snow on stage.

Islanders website has a Live Draft Board: to follow the NHL draft with all thirty teams.

Live Audio Coverage of draft.

Sorry folks, not sure what's wrong with device providing news feeds/twitter, on sidebars, have tried to repair. The problem is likely internal within provider.

Something new was created for basics/news that's comparable.

New York Islander Fan Central Twitter Page

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New York/NHL Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/23/2011 09:40:00 PM | Comment Here

Steve Stirling: released a statement thanking the fans in his recovery.

NYIFC will be covering the draft Friday-Saturday with frequent updates.

As written recently, NYIFC knowledge of this draft class is lacking, to speculate on the right player would be insulting to our readers.

NYIFC draft section, has been up for a good part of the month, with background information.

NYIFC Prospect blog, will add profiles for all the new prospects, shortly after the NHL draft.

In terms of the teams draft picks, you select the best player available on your draft board, regardless of position. This organization's unsigned prospect depth took a hit with some signings/non-signings/graduations, it needs to be replenished.

You can never have enough depth. End of cliche statements.
Folks e-mailing about the cap not working? Disagree.

Of course, it needs some changes at the end of the CBA.

Bottom line, as high as spending is going, for twenty teams with no business going above forty million, without it corporate teams would have payrolls over a hundred million dollars, without being forced into unloading players.

Corporate teams do not care about bleeding red ink, the sports division is a small loss on the company books. The NHL cannot be about what corporation can afford the biggest loss for someone's ego/trophy purchase.

All you hear and read is revenue, that's not profit. If teams are spending 150m to generate 100m, the revenue number sounds great in print media, the team is still losing fifty million.

That's why Chicago lost money winning the Stanley Cup, it's why Ted Lenosis receives revenue sharing.

Ed Snider runs Philadelphia with all due respect to Paul Holmgren, the same man who authorized massive front-loaded deals over ten years for Richards/Carter, traded both to sign another massive front-loaded deal in Ilya Bryzgalov.

Patroit-News: Even has quotes Snider felt Bryzgalov had to be signed, with the writer putting the moves on the owner, not the general manager.

As short-sighted as his impulse decisions were to give out those contracts in the first place, without a hard cap, Comcast takes the hit, both are likely still Philadelphia Flyers.

Snider will be spending 7/1 on his flavor of the summer, at least there is a limit on contracts.

Now Columbus can add to it's 25m loss, the Kings have never been a profitable team back to the last lockout. Will those players reach their NTC clauses before being on the market again?

Next CBA has to drop the ceiling/floor, the massive front-loading, along with hiding bad contract decisions in the AHL.
Was there some reason had to outright eliminate the Thrashers website?
Schedule is out folks, no hiding from tickets you have to purchase for all those early season weeknight games. This league is not going to tolerate four digit crowds anywhere much longer.

I also do not think it's unfair to speculate the Islanders were told other teams want to limit October weeknight games for a change.

How about a four out of seven to open the season vs New Jersey? Isles had a huge month of Devils long ago (five games?) but never three in a row?
Social Networking Days at 34th St, 9th avenue in Manhattan is not neutral territory, it's New York Islander County.
Only blog header re design's NYIFC is accepting in terms of uniform are the 1980 road jersey's with the Lake Placid patch. US greatest NHL dynasty, US greatest Olympic Hockey moment.
Status Quo out of Cablevision/Newsday on the Coliseum. No shock the coverage has been entirely negative. The silence from those who need the Dolan's to retain a living, speaks for itself.
This is the same Democrat, Kevan Abrahams who ripped the new Coliseum agreement yesterday, taking about property values/jobs in 2009.

With that kind of selective amnesia, he could blog about the Islanders.

All bipartisan, nothing to do with anything else.
The new section is up at NYIFC for the 8.1.11 vote.
Both Gregoire/Kessel past thirty day window.

Up Next:
1. NHL Draft
2. Qualifying offers due Monday
3. Free agency.

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