Rhett Rakhshani signs with HV-71 for 2012-13

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HV 71 SEL  Official website reports they have signed Rhett Rakhshani for the 2012-13 season.

NYIFC Commets:
This is a big loss to the Islanders, and why you never have enough prospects.

Their number one scoring right winger on a point per game pace the last two seasons, who improved every year in college. Like Jesse Joensuu who signed with the same team, if the Isles qualify Rakhshani, they retain his future NHL rights.

This could also make the Isles negotiations with Parenteau more urgent for them unless they have an alternative.

Bottom line a lot of players who have waited for years see the depth chart, there is a reasonable chance of an NHL lockout, the players need a guaranteed income.

Our Sulia feed has translated article on Trevor Gillies official signing in the KHL.

New York Notables

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Monday's entry has a few words on the NHL draft, a preseason split-squad against Edmonton, the latest taxpayer handout (including selective editorial coverage) to subsidize a local sports team, with a few other items.

Hofstra's Stuart Rabinowitz Biggest Threat To Coliseum Future

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Simply put our fans need to understand right now there is a new/improved version of Kate Murray, they need to learn very fast what Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz represents which we detailed here on 5/28.

I'm now convinced Stuart Rabinowitz is a the biggest threat to the Coliseum/Islanders future at this time. 

Things are only getting worse, our fans need to quckly learn what this man represents, and the power he currently has with regard to the Nassau Hub. 

#isles Folks need to get informed fast about Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz, he's the next Kate Murray and has his own plan for the HUB which does not include the Coliseum or a hockey team. Thursday in a meeting with reporters and editors at Dolan's Newsday in Melville on engineering: "Frankly, it is where the jobs are now and will be in the future," The region needs more engineers." Friday Dolan's Newsday claims he said any future plan for the Hub will include business incubators and laboratories for technology businesses. This is the man who will have a big say on funding from Albany and it seems like the only thing he wants is his 40 year neighbor gone for Hofstra's benefit?  

Our fans need to finally put this man under the spotlight, and question his motives here, and as the Mayor of Floral Park said, request his removal from any say in the HUB's future because he wanted to move the Coliseum to Belmont earlier.

In 2005 this Met fan made clear he liked the Sterling Equities/Mets " University Town " development.

Time for Stuart Rabinowitz to go.

Brief Coliseum Update/Joensuu Resigned

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NYIFC Comments:
This is why the prospect blog follows Jeremy Colliton/Joensuu when they are qualified despite playing in  Europe.

Our advice is tread carefully on one way contract/European out clause discussions, Michael Fornabio reported the same thing last summer with Tomas Marcinko and he played in Bridgeport anyway.
As folks know this blog wrote about the 6/15 deadline for proposals for State funding, and the 6/20 meeting at Stony Brook by the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council.

Long Island Business News today reported a second round of funding will be conducted later this year, although companies must submit their projects to the state through the CFA process by July 16th.

The last of three workshops explaining the CFA online application is scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday at Stony Brook University which is the 6/20 meeting.

Dolan's Newsday in May reported $750 million in new state funding for economic development projects is available this year, and the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council must receive project proposals by June 15. They also claim Mangano back then said he will have a proposal for the site that could compete for state funds and meet the June 15 deadline.
Bottom line to all this is there may be a 6/15 deadline in some regards, not others.
There is also a contradiction with regards to the Isles having pick #50 in the NHL draft.

NHL.com reports no, while Isles draft central page has 50th selection. We'll ask. 

Garth Snow's Drafts Since 2007 Success Or Failure?

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A lot of folks like to bring up the point the prospect pool was left empty by Mike Milbury when he announced his resignation as general manager in January 2006, that would be somewhat unfair because Milbury/Tony Feltrin selections Ryan O'Marra, Robert Nilsson, Blake Comeau, Chris Campoli, Bruno Gervais, Rick DiPietro, Frans Nielsen, Petteri Nokelainen, were/still part of the organization.

The class of 2006 right now is looking like Kyle Okposo, Andrew MacDonald, it's been far from a fantastic result with Ted Nolan getting the universal credit for selecting MacDonald. 

Rhett Rakhshani, Tomas Marcinko require qualifying offers by 6/25 from the 2006 class.

Troy Mattila has never been seen at a prospect camp or  mentioned by the Islanders since his selection, however technically is listed until he graduates which will likely require a contract by 8/15/2012, this information is confirmed by Dartmouth University here.

Either way let's look go back and do an accounting of how the Islanders draft selections have panned out whether it be Tony Feltrin, Ryan Jankowski, or other members of the Isles scouting, for some ground work for how Garth Snow's staff has done since his first draft in 2007.

Notable Days Ahead For New York

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Things are about to pick up for the New York Islanders, and not just because of the NHL draft.

Today we present an agenda of events folks should follow:

New York Signs Johan Sundstrom

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Islanders website: announced that Johan Sundstrom, the second round, 50th overall pick in the 2011 NHL draft has agreed to terms on a three-year, entry-level contract.

NYIFC Comments:
A nice early surprise signing if he comes to North America and potentially plays for a Sound Tiger team where fewer spots will be available everywhere if a lockout. Also it can potentially mean one of the restricted free agent wingers in Bridgeport will not be qualified.

Three of the Islanders eight selections in the 2011 draft have now been signed. 

New York/NHL Notables

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 New York Notables is something written here often about Islander or around the league items.

Ed Mangano's Arizona Plan For New York Islanders

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The New York Islanders/Charles Wang got one of those from Tom Suozzi around the time of the 2002 playoffs. 
Mr Mangano also posted this on the county's facebook page.

Mangano is also throwing Mets baseball around again, not New York Islander Hockey.

New York Notables: Looking Back Right or Wrong?

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Today is the day we go back, look at our speculation around the league, and see what we got right/wrong.

I write this with the disclaimer NYIFC did not go around the league much.

New York Islander Fan Central Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/04/2012 07:57:00 PM |

A quiet time for the New York Islanders, not at New York Islander Fan Central.

Here is a full list of the major changes with our fantastic new look & format for those interested.

Why New York Lost In 2011-12

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In May 2011 New York Islander Fan Central did a two part feature on why New York Will Win/Lose in 2011-12. 

Our standard at the time of a winning or losing season was playoff qualification in 2011-12.

This blog in subsequent entries late in 2011-12, gave total support to Charles Wang because he signed all of Garth Snow's core players last summer long term.

We also had separate entries supporting Garth Snow, and endorsed the return of Jack Capuano as head coach.

Today we look at why the team lost.

The Next Kate Murray For Islanders? Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/28/2012 08:31:00 PM | Comment Here

This would be an image of Hofstra University President (since 2001) Stuart Rabinowitz hosting a fifty year celebration of Mets baseball in 2012 over several days, also having two hundred tickets available for free to students here.

The New York Islanders just celebrated their 40th anniversary, and had student discounts for countless years.

Let's meet the man who has (and will) play a huge role in determining if Albany assists Nassau County in any kind of public or private partnership with regard to the Nassau Coliseum as Stuart Rabinowitz was front/center when awards were announced last December here.

New York Signs John Persson To Entry Level Contract

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Red Deer Rebels: Official twitter feed reports New York has signed 2011 draft pick, John Persson to an entry level contract.

Red Deer Advocate has also linked to this information as the teams primary coverage.

NYIFC Comments:
Persson was signed in March to a Bridgeport ATO contract, participated in their playoffs, and played very well.

Signing him to an ELC was the next step for him to make a full time AHL/NHL jump, but it was not necessary until 5/31/2013.

New York Media Has Officially Proven NY Not A Major Hockey Market

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A few words updating our Aug 2011 entry to surviving tabloid professional journalism.

Is this what we can expect when the New York Islanders make a deep run at a Stanley Cup hopefully in the very near future?

5/24/1980 New York Wins Stanley Cup

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New York Islanders For Now A Time Of Meaningless Speculation

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We know the 2012-13 New York Islanders have the following players locked in barring a trade in a sport with few major trades.

RFA Martin-Reasoner-Niederreiter

Also a decision has to play out with Parenteau.

We also know a lot of prospects who got a long look here need another chance from day one of camp because that's what development is.

Otherwise why draft/develop them?

Cizikas, Ullstrom, the many prospects in Bridgeport/college/juniors/2012 draft.

How do you go this far with Rhett Rahkshani after how he produced and not give him a full shot in the NHL?

On defense there are three key players signed, a lot of prospects who also did not look out of place at this level, along with decisions on Reese/other veterans.

Calvin deHaan played one game here, Mark Streit said he was ready to play at this level, how do you keep a first round pick in year four off the NHL roster?

I want to see former AHL all-star, Mark Katic get a full shot at this level because a year ago he had speed, and skill that stood out, if his shoulder goes again, so be it.

Anyone see anything so bad to suggest Donovan or Ness cannot play at this level?

This club could use Donovan's size badly on the backline.

In goal there are decisions to be made on Montoya, another on RFA Koskinen.

Obviously regardless of what happens with DiPietro/Nabokov it seems obvious Poulin or Nilsson can come up and play well if needed.

Sure, a lot of players are available that their former teams will be glad to be rid of in a trade, how do they help the New York Islanders?

Yes, there will be a new draft class, also a free agent period where the risk/reward factor again is not good for a mediocre overall group of players.

Beyond that it's all a matter of meaningless speculation about a season that may well not even take place.

One thing I will write that is not speculation.
1. You stick to your plan if you are Garth Snow.
2. No such thing as having too many prospects.