Brett Yormark Is Allowed To Purchase New York Islanders

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/07/2012 03:37:00 PM |
Please let me make this absolutely clear, this entry in no way implies any rumor of Charles Wang selling the New York Islanders or moving them anywhere.

My preference is that Charles Wang owns the New York Islanders, and the team remains at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, in a new/renovated building. 

This entry is entirely to let my readers know what I became curious about over the weekend when I read that Michael Yormark is the President & Chief Operating Officer of the Florida Panthers NHL Hockey Team, and the Bank Atlantic Center. 

I recalled seeing CEO, NETS Basketball, Brett Yormark's comments about the Islanders and wondered if they were related? When I discovered they are brothers it led me to the rules for cross-ownership in one sport.

Michael Yormark has a very active twitter account which has landed him in a few rough exchanges, with the Devils fans recently here & over the criticism of Panthers beat-writer, George Richards, in March of 2011 here.

I asked, he replied. That's it.  
Bottom line if Mr Yormark wanted to be involved with a group to purchase the New York Islanders at some future point or do so himself NHL laws would allow this. 

Until I prepared this entry on Monday 5/7, I did not see this from Brett Yormark on 5/5, I would strongly suggest not connecting this with the New York Islanders in any way.