Kumar not headed to White Castle.

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/13/2007 06:11:00 PM | |
For those who have not been following, former Islander co-owner Sanjay Kumar reports to prison Tuesday to begin serving a twelve year sentence according to Newsday.

The attachment order also included a $9 million settlement he made with former CA chairman and co-founder Charles Wang over their dissolved partnership in the New York Islanders hockey team and real estate investments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
CA's board is still considering civil action against Charles Wang for stock money he was paid as chairman. Would be interesting to see if CA or Rechler wound up taking the hockey club if Wang had to give back his stock money but this is year's away if it were to happen and some at CA just want to move on.

Another former Islander owner in jail, he will be out before DiPietro's contract is up. Say what you want today but back in 2000 he stepped up and helped save this club from the Milstein nightmare.