Thrashers beatwriter talks about Sutton's departure

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/13/2007 05:57:00 PM | | |
Atlanta Journal Consitution today gave their thoughts on the departure of Andy Sutton from the club.

I was waiting for this because the team a player is leaving usually gives the best perspective as to why the player was not retained. He does nothing here but tell us the Islanders seemed to overpay.

By now the Andy Sutton signing in New York is old news, but you have to give Sutts and his agent credit. Three years for $9 million is good money. Especially considering he was a second-pair defenseman once the Thrashers got Alexei Zhitnik. I know some fans were frustrated with Sutton, but he’s a big body who isn’t afraid to block shots. I think for the right price, he could have stayed in Atlanta, but not for $3 million per season. From my perspective, he was great to deal with, so I wish him the best in New York.