Greg Logan's Newsday Blog Updated

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Greg Logan updated his blog with basically a state of the Islanders
here and a review of the summer that's a must read and goes into several subjects as well as who the Islanders tried to sign.

Logan also looks ahead to what the Islanders may still do in free agency. Curiously, he reports the Islanders offered Drury more money but fails to note the front-loaded contract he received and the sixth year was only four million?

Sorry folks, Logan's blog is not available in Rss Feeds from Newsday, only the team articles on the main page which we have.

With Sutton on board, Snow should move fairly quickly in the next week toward adding a center with some offensive ability. Last year, Snow took a chance on a one-year deal at a bargain price for Kozlov, and Carolina free agent Joself Vasicek, who only has shown flashes of his offensive potential, might fit that same mold. Veteran Jason Allison also has been checked out by Snow and his staff, but he has played only one of the past four seasons thanks to injuries, the lockout and a messy divorce that sidelined him last year.