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Andy Sutton's comments on joining the Islanders were posted

SI had an article on Sutton's value here.

“The Islanders are obviously a great organization,” said Sutton on Saturday in a phone conversation. “I’ve turned the corner and it’s time to start competing for the Stanley Cup. There have been some great acquisitions by the Islanders this summer to go along with a first-class coaching staff and management.”

“You can expect me to play my hardest every night,” said Sutton. “I always sacrifice my body for the good of the team and will do everything in my power to keep the puck out of our net.”

“It’s always good to have people that you know when you come to a new team,” said Sutton. “But all the guys in this league are very welcoming and willing to embrace the new players. When you walk into a new locker room it’s like 20 new friends, instantly. The NHL is a very tight-knit group.”

“I’ve been told Ted is a players’ coach who gets the most out of his players,” said Sutton. “I’ve heard he’s firm but fair and appreciates hard work, grit and determination. Those are all the main ingredients of a winning team.”

“Coming to Long Island is an exciting new opportunity,” said Sutton. “The Islanders are an established team. This is a great chance to be a part of a winning team.”

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sounds nice, reads well, but this is not a very mobile player. He's injury prone and we signed him for three years at age thirty two and was swept in his only playoff series in an eight year career. His minutes were reduced to around eleven per game with Zhitnik's trade from Philadelpha to Atlanta.

That's why you pay Markov's price if it came down to money.

Ok, enough criticism, he's also been praised by a lot of NHL writers for his shot blocking, physical and improved defensive play.