Nassau Coliseum overhaul is far off

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/12/2007 12:34:00 AM | |
Newsday did an update on the new baseball stadium's being constructed and updated the Islanders situation today.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The Old Gulotta, D'Amato, Certilman regime still has it's hard-liners in the town of Hempstead and in Nassau County government, to say nothing of those who have a vested personal interest in Smg who manages the Coliseum will never approve anything, they see that land as money for their interest and perfer it sit empty than allow development.

These people want the Coliseum gone and the Islanders out because they see that property for what makes them money, that's why even with Wang-Rechler paying they want no part of it because they gain nothing. Many have called it the most corrupt government in the country, I don't know about that but I do know Smg takes everything from the Coliseum and even a portion of the Islanders gate receipts thanks to Nassau County who gave them this lease.

The politicians have no pride in the hockey team or any pro team in Nassau and will not do a thing for Wang-Rechler as the city has done for the baseball teams as this has been discussed since the early nineties.

Judy Jacobs will surface occasionally and provide nothing more than lip-service for the project and the Islander fan vote. Suozzi has not talked about it in a long time, except to force Wang-Rechler to put in a minor-league baseball stadium.

These are the people who should be pushing hard to get this project approved so
Wang-Rechler can begin Coliseum renovations. 2012? Coliseum and Smg lease expire in 2014.

300m for the Coliseum renovation. Why not just start from scratch?