NYI Fan Central Off to a Great Start

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/13/2007 05:18:00 AM |

Over a thousand views in a few short weeks.

My thanks to everyone for visiting as this has been a very active blog with several topics and seems to be getting great response. Please feel free to respond in the comments sections and post your own Islander Hockey related topics on our message board which I would love to see grow into a core group of die-hard Islander fans who love quality hockey discussion.

Meanwhile, I'll do my best to post tons of undates and articles. Even on days I'm busy our new article sections have been set up to provide automatic updates from the club's website and several news sources so please view the entire site so you don't miss anything..

I have added several ways to access updates for folks visiting and will continue to keep adding things to make this one of the best Islander blogs in cyberspace.