First Unofficial cuts made

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Michael Fornabaio of the Ct Post in his blog here basically announced the rosters for the Sound Tigers (and cuts for the Islanders) which begins tomorrow in Shelton.

CAMP, Day 0: Getting started
They had a team meeting tonight to get organized. Skulking around outside produced this list:

Group I
G--Morrison, Bucchino, J. MacDonald. D--Fata, Fraser, Kohn, Frechette, Offers, Ford. F--Bentivoglio, Haskins, K. Johnson, Regier, G. Johnson, Labelle, Cavosie, Gaudet, Haley, Morency, Nielsen, Sirianni.

Group II
G--Mole, Ouellet, Jaeger. D--Spiller, Hart, Wotton, A. MacDonald, J. Dwyer, Sertich. F--G. Dwyer, Walter, Takahashi, Woods, Damon, Bourne, Scherer, Smith, Jackman, Marjamaki, Slattengren, Pitton.

Among those still with the big club: Colliton, Comeau, Brennan, Aaron Johnson.

From the list we had a while ago, Jason Deleurme isn't here, but add Aaron Slattengren.

Practices begin Monday morning at 10 at Shelton, Group I first, then Group II.

Chris Botta's Point blank blog had a lot of off topic items but claims the club could be down to thirty skaters by tomorrow nights game at the Coliseum.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A little surprised a veteran like Frans Nielsen did not get to see a few NHL games considering what Nolan saw from him last season. Aside from that a team desperate for coverage and exposure to the point they need fan blogs, should be releasing player cuts for the media as several teams do.

Ben Walter cut this quick on a team that needs a center? Not a very good sign at all considering they gave up a first round prospect for him.

These are the kind of updates the fans are interested in. Michael Fornabaio in the Ct Post understand this and updates his blog while the organization will do blog updates on everything but what the fans are looking for.

If your going to do lineups, please do cuts. New York Islander fans and Sound Tigers fans are interested.