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Michael Fornabaio in his Ct Post blog wrote the the Isles will do their usual trick of not announcing official cuts at the start; they'll split them up into a Bridgeport group and a Long Island group.

Newsday coverage has an article on Sean Bergenheim.

Among the highlights:

* The call came in January. It was from Islanders owner Charles Wang, the man who told Sean Bergenheim in the fall of 2006 after he left his Russian team that he couldn't return to the NHL for another year because he wasn't signed for training camp.

"It was a really good call," Bergenheim said. "This is what happens sometimes in business. You've got to be able to forget a little bit the bad part about business. He called and said, 'Let's start all over.' We didn't talk about any contract for the next year. He just wanted to say, 'Let's not think about what happened anymore.' "

"Even though it was a pity I had to go over there, it was my decision in the end," Bergenheim said. "I'm not happy with the way it went, but I had a really good year over there even though I didn't play in the NHL. I don't really like talking about last year because I'm here now, and this is where I want to be.

"Garth [general manager Snow] and Charles and everybody has kind of forgotten about what happened last year. At least, I have. I'm just doing everything I can for the Islanders."

* For much of training camp, Bergenheim has been relegated to a fourth-line role, but he's not complaining because he wants to maintain a harmonious relationship with the organization and his new coach, Ted Nolan.

"I know I can play much better than I've played so far," Bergenheim said before turning in an energized effort in a 3-2 overtime loss to the Canadiens Saturday in Montreal. "It's a little bit of an adjustment for me to get back to the North American style. My style actually suits playing here.

"I don't consider myself only being a checking line guy. Skating is my strong point, but I also want to be a smart player, not just a guy who runs around. I want to do some damage, scoring goals and playing a smart, two-way game."

* For now, Bergenheim is trying to make the adjustment to the smaller rinks and quicker reaction time required in the NHL, as well as to Nolan's system. If he has to pay his dues a little longer to win a larger role, Bergenheim is prepared to do it.

"It's up to the coach, and for me, I accept everything I get," Bergenheim said. "Whatever Teddy wants me to do, I will do. But certainly, I believe that if I play well, I can earn a higher spot on the team. It's all up to me."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm not in camp with the team, did not see Bergenheim play last season but have seen how the Islanders seem to be using him so far. During the lockout Mattias Weinhandl led the SEL in scoring but came back here and could not earn a chance and now he's back in Europe. Tambellini has paid his dues and is a first round pick and a left wing same as Bergenheim. Having seen the overall NHL body of work from both players in NHL games Bergenheim seems the better bet to stick in the NHL and has the more complete skill set and an edge to his game Tambellini does not seem to have.

Not a lot of 2007-08 information applied to this but we all know for Ted Nolan it's about what a player shows him now, not what he did two years ago, we saw that with Campoli.

As Bergenheim said himself it's a adjustment to go back to the smaller rinks and it will take time. If it were my team he would make that adjustment in the NHL right now for better or worse.

If seven defenders dress there does not seem to be a spot for Bergenheim, even with Simon out.

Depth chart: