Islanders vs Atlanta 9/17 7pm ITV Telecast

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The video section of Islanders TV has been incorporated into the main page of NYI Fan Central (below for our members here to view the latest video updates the club starting with Billy Jaffe's video preview of tonights game. has a preview of tonights game vs Atlanta. Game will be telecast live on Islanders Television for those interested in watching the game live via the web.

Cory Witt's media blog provides the lineup for Monday's game against Atlanta.

Updated 6pm
Islanders website released the line combinations for tonight's game.

Thrashers defeated St Louis Blues on Sunday.

Updated 1:30pm
Media blog also has the lineup for tonight’s rookie game versus the University of New Brunswick. Tonight’s game is at the Tim Horton’s 4-Ice Centre. Tomorrow there’s another rookie game, that against the University of Moncton and that will be played at the Moncton Coliseum.

Sean Bentivoglio
Justin Bourne
Marc Cavosie
Jeremy Colliton
Derek Damon
Rob Figren
Chris Gaudet
Maxime Gratchev
Tyler Haskins
Tomas Marcinko
Masi Marjamaki
Jason Pitton
Steve Regier
Trevor Smith

Jamie Fraser
Martin Frechette
Jordan Hart
Mark Katic
Simon Lacroix
Andrew MacDonald

Mike Mole
Maxime Ouellet

Greg Logan updated his Newsday blog this morning with the lineups and how to access Islanders TV to watch the pre-season games. did a feature on the Monday night game with Trots and Kenny Morrow flying up early with the Stanley Cup on hand.

"To bring NHL hockey back to a place that hasn't seen hockey since 1968, it's great to be a part of it," said Morrow. "When you see the smiles on their faces as they take a picture with the Stanley Cup, there's no better feeling."

Added Trottier: "It's nice to represent the Islanders up here. The allegiance in this area is split between Toronto, Boston and Montreal, but there are quite a few Islanders fans up here. Hopefully we turned a few more to root for the Islanders. It was a fun day today and there's a lot of enthusiasm for the game tomorrow."