What's next at NYI Fan Central?

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/22/2007 06:53:00 PM |

First of all my thanks to everyone who have visited the site and reached out to me since this blog began in late July. I cannot believe the feedback or new members who visit daily despite no promotion until today.

I'm going to do my best to make the message forum more active now that I think the blog has a strong balance of information combined with blogs for every news source that covers the Islanders.

Today some friends and I reached out to some folks I know would make a fine addition to our board with their quality of their hockey information and discussion. My plan here since day one is to build a strong small group of quality posters who will make for a small but great Islander discussion forum as I add to the blog while others can comment there or in the message forum.

Please spread the word to friends you feel will also help make the blog
discussions and our message forum better. Simply put, I'm looking for quality and could care less about quantity.

As for the blog itself, I think it provided a ton of information with a lot of news articles and sources in camp and that's how things will work here year round as updates will be made daily as I can do them or as our news feeds all over the blog will do for us.

I think there is a solid influx of Islander, Sound Tiger and NHL news sources for everyone here whether I blog or not daily. Those who have visited know this blog or know me from Islanders-Sound Tigers or HF understand this will be a very active blog and likely the most active of all Islander blogs.

Those who also know me understand I go find information from local papers outside New York and do not wait for the team to provide it from inside management whenever possible.

For a summary of what this blog will provide:
* News Articles on all things Islanders related.

* Occasional NHL items and hot button topics.

* Outside professional writer media blogs. (ie: Greg Logan/Mike Fornabaio)

* NYI Fan Central Commentary on everything hockey.

* Game Previews/Summary and personal commentary on the games both for the Islanders and Sound Tigers.

* All prospect information and reports I can find or others can provide.

* If possible guests blogs from other fans who would like to provide hockey perspective.

For a summary of what this blog will not provide:

* Off topic commentary about myself or who Mike Comrie is dating.

* Anything political.

* What happens on other fan blogs/websites, boards or mailing lists. I do not care who releases information or gossip first on trades/waivers/rumors. On this blog I want the information to be correct and from professional news sources.

My Thanks again to everyone, as always your comments and suggestions are welcome.