10/28: NYI Fan Central Q & A

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/28/2007 08:09:00 PM |

I thought today would be a good time for a little Q & A to answer some questions that I have been getting in my e-mail recently about the blog and I will continue to do it from time to time.

Q: How come the weekly prospect updates are not included here?

A: I like the Islander weekly prospect updates, but we have someone named Mr Prospects on the message board doing it on a game by game basis for us already and his work is ahead of the Islander updates and the quality is outstanding. The blog itself has a link to the prospect profiles on the Islander website and the link to the Islanders website here gives that weekly update anyway because of the feeder.

Q: Will you be doing player interviews?

A: No, as I explained I think that's for the younger fans who would like a career in reporting and is not a skill that goes to my strengths.

Q: Have I sold out to the Islanders website?

A: I'm not really sure what this means but as I wrote this week nothing is going to change in terms of the content here. There will be times I am very critical of the organization and times when they are praised for things they try to do. Not providing an outlet for the fans to send Jason Blake their best wishes was something I was very critical of recently because this was done for other players in the past.

All I can promise is I will be fair and most of my commentary on the club will come down to how much they win or lose and how they play.

Q: You miss some writers and publications in your tags.

A: Unfortunately there is a two hundred character limit for tags so in a longer update there is no space but I always credit the publication on the page somewhere. My rule to this point has been to make sure the writer gets credit first, then the publication they write for in the tags.

Q: Do I want personal publicity for myself?

A: Absolutely not. I specifically asked my blog quietly be added to the box with no announcement. I offered my blog because only because I thought it could help the organization. I would never accept any personal recognition because the New York Islanders are the story here and what we as fans can quietly do for them. Anyone who does otherwise to self promote themselves is not in it for the Islanders and we could do without those kind of fans.

I'm going to wind this up by giving my brother's question a plug here because he's always reading my old board at Hockey's Future and played a little joke on me.

Yes, this is payback for sending me this junk bro, everyone gets to read my answer to you.

Q: What's going on, I looked at HF board and saw Nyisles as moderator on the Islander board again? Why would you agree to do that?

A: I have no idea what you are talking about. Someone named Nyisles was named moderator on the old board? Is that moderator number four or five now that has been there in the year I have been gone because it sure is not me but that's a heck of a coincidence.

Oh well, hopefully Killer Carlson's jokes let up long enough so anyone can get in a hockey comment once in a while. Good luck to the next Nyisles at Hockey Future, I'm expecting my royalty check from the sequel.

Updated 10/30 7:50 am:
I was told in the comment section my harmless joke was offensive to the person it was written about. I'm very sorry if this was taken the wrong way because it was not my intention. Please visit the comment section (below) for what I have to say about this and HF in detail. Thank You.