A few words: Randy Jones & Patrice Bergeron

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Tsn.ca: Bob McKenzie had his take on Randy Jones hitting Bergeron today and I wanted to write something about it but have not had a chance today until now.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I saw the hit and some of the reaction to Jones hitting Bergeron and even though some are blaming the Flyers for all three incidents as an organization they must all be treated as seperate occurances. My first reaction was concern for Bergeron but I also watched the play and saw a player shove a player in the back with both hands who was turning and in a spot where he was vulnerable. Similar to a hit Michael Peca put on a Montral Canadian several years ago as an Islander.

This was not Gary Roberts taking a full charge from center ice where he picks up speed and then takes his hands and slams Kenny Jonsson's head in the boards. This was one where Jones shoved Bergeron who was off balance at a point where he was just far enough away from the boards where he could hit his head on the dasher and did.

I think McKenzie got it right here in this article and agree he likely will get a suspension because of policitcal pressure on the league but I did not see anything that merited a suspension but there was no intent and far different than the two other instances involving the Flyers.

Any suspension here seems like just caving to political pressure. That said of course it's a loss for the league to lose a player of Bergeron's ability and it's great it was reported he will be ok.

Were talking Colin Campbell here folks, only thing consistent about Campbell is his inconsistency in decision making.