Cannot see Berard waiting much longer.

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St Louis Post Dispatch:Jeremy Rutherford reports Eric Brewer injured his shoulder in a fight Thursday and was placed on IR. Jay McKee broke his foot in the preseason and the Blues are making callups on defense.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Unless there is a signed contract that cannot be filed with the league between Berard and the club why should agent Tom Laidlaw wait for injuries to create a spot for Berard with the Islanders?

Gervais and Campoli looked as good as Berard can look on offense. Gervais pass to Vasicek for the opening goal was fantastic, Berard is not going to look any better than Campoli did on his goal.

No gang, MAB and Andy Sutton are not being traded or benched after one game.

As much as I don't like the situation and think it's been handled poorly because Berard did practice on the first pp unit Wednesday part of me likes how stubborn Snow has been here not to force a bad move just to sign Berard.

Folks will rip on Meyer but in Philadelphia he showed some good skills at times and was not that bad here last year when healthy and this is someone Snow traded for less than a year ago. Johnson was well regarded by former gm Doug McLean in Columbus.

As long as Gervais and Campoli look solid the club can afford to be patient, but the question also should be asked should Snow be trying to get a pick for Meyer from the Blues if he really wants to sign Berard?

Even with Berard you have to take Gervais or Campoli out of your lineup, you cannot sit around and wait for injuries even if with this group it's a matter of when before someone gets hurt.

An outsiders impression is it's a matter of time before some team gets an injury and Tom Laidlaw finds his client a job whether it be here or somewhere else. Unless there is a signed deal in place he owes the Islanders nothing.