Those who want respect, give respect.

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I changed my mind, bring back the Worst Damn Sports Show and let that be the pregame as opposed to Al Trautwig and Stan Fischler aka: Msg's used car Ranger salesman and that sad show they put on last night.

I try to go out of my way to ignore some of this but when it lands right in the middle of an Islander telecast it's just not possible.

Apparently now the trade off for a post game is our pregame is a generic Msg production from inside the Garden where they claim it's going to be an even split of coverage/commentary on all three teams. Yes, I know Msg owns the entire broadcast, the announcers and have since Sports Channel merged with Msg.

Butch Goring was in there with them for only the pregame and it's always fantastic to see him not only as an Islander great but a former Islander coach who produced one of the hardest working Islander clubs for a good decade his first year before Milbury ruined what he had going and brought in a team of right handed centers before Butchie took a very unfair hit and was fired. Goring said he and Nolan spoke about the club also.

So here's the thing:
Al Trautwig and Stan Fischler asking for questions from Islander and Devils fans because they claim the only questions they got were from Ranger fans. To quote Trautwig ninety nine percent of the questions were from Ranger fans.

Funny, I went to the site this morning and looked at the questions and around the time they were asking for questions
here the page was packed with questions from a lot of Islander fans and none of them were answered or brought up on television.

Anyway I thought I would ask my question, post it here first in case by some miracle they respond tomorrow even though I will not be around:

As Tony Soprano said:
Those who want respect, give respect.

Mr Fischler/Mr Trautwig:

You want questions from Islander and Devils fans both of you cannot be what you have been forever and that's James Dolan's paid Ranger shills, nothing more and nothing less.

You treat the Islanders horrible on Msg, hide our games, put Ranger announcers at Nassau Coliseum for Islander home games and leave our announcers home. You don't televise preseason games (unless they are Msg Ranger games) and don't give us a post game show while showing James Dolan's team non stop and all of a sudden you want Islander and Devils fans to ask you questions to help you finally sell all three teams?

Madison Square Garden and both you and Mr Fischler who made a living off the Islanders in the 80's when Msg would not let him in the building owe our fans a public apology which has hurt own club's exposure in the city media and even hurt the Rangers exposure.

Both of you have only served to hurt hockey in New York and by doing so hurt your employers team.

Ok, Mr Trautwig, my question?

How come you could not acknowledge the Islander fans at Msg last season and even made the absurd claim Ranger fans sold their tickets to Islander fans for
Giants-Dallas even though everyone knows Ranger games are rarely sold out (not padded sellouts) and Islander/opposing fans were out in big numbers as they always are?

After the Rangers poor ratings perfomance and you tried to spin it as the Rangers capturing the heart of New York was watching Bob Raissman in the Daily News called you and Msg employees delusional making such claims.

You want my hockey questions you owe Islander and Devils fans an apology starting with James Dolan who hid our playoff games on Metro for years to the point Charles Wang had to create an internet television station for his team.

You have hurt hockey in this town and now want Islander fans to just ask you questions like it's no problem.

Your doing the pregame tomorrow start with my question instead of the Ranger fans asking Drury what his favorite color is and then we'll see.

Now you have a question from an Islander fan.