Chris Simon article out in Sports Illustrated

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/24/2007 02:14:00 PM | | | | | | Michael Farber from SI today released his four part article on Chris Simon that Chris Botta here in his point blank blog was critical of earlier today. It has quotes from a lot of former teammates, associates, former Islanders and Ted Nolan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As I wrote earlier in the Hunter vs Boulerice blog members of the coaching and general managers who were critical of Boulerice are some of the same people who today praise Dale Hunter and what his career stood for which includes what he did to Pierre Turgeon as he teaches and influences a new generation of hockey players.

I felt Michael Farber went out of his way trying to make a point telling us his source claimed owner Charles Wang wanted to mention Simon's possible concussion as a way of "getting out in front" of the story. He received the longest suspension in league history so what would that have solved?

In his article Mr Farber did not include an important part of the story that Simon because of his concussion could not even go to Toronto for his hearing because he could not fly according to Newsday reports. He had his hearing in New York. How come Mr Farber did not have quotes and discussion from league officials about his inability to attend a meeting because he could not travel if he seems to be making the point he was not hurt when he hit Hollwig?

As for the rest it's an interesting read but does seem to go out of it's way to rip Simon. I don't know what Simon may have said that was not quoted. His career suspensions speak for themselves over more than a decade and the comments from the hockey community were very interesting. As I wrote last week this was the same person who was beating up former Islander Dave Scatchard wearing a shoulder brace a few years ago will the reaction be different if he and Scatchard were to fight later this season if he is recalled from Hartford?

And of course like so many writers who stick around long enough Michael Farber had a very different opinion of Dale Hunter when he chatted with Sports Illustrated's CNN/SI anchor Johnny Phelps back at the trade deadline in 1999 when Hunter was sent from the Caps to the Colorado Avalanche here.

Farber: Starting with Dale Hunter, it's kind of "That 80's Show." You have to remember that the Avalanche are the old Quebec Nordiques and back in the 80's Dale Hunter, along with the Stasny brothers, were the heart and soul of the Nordiques, and it's nice to see him end his career with the team that he meant so much to earlier on.

And of course a month or two later Michael Farber was not critical of Dale Hunter
here in an update where he wrote Bob Hartley has to get his team under control and only mentioned Hunter's penalties as well as being put on the ice.