NYI Fan Central added to blog box

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New York Islander Fan Central today was linked to the Islanders list of official blogs on it's page for those interested.

I always prefer to let the quality of the hockey content speak for itself and could not have it any other way. For someone like myself who always has a lot of hockey to discuss when it comes time to talk about myself I can barely write out a paragraph for a brief bio.

Hopefully I do a better job here today.

Where do I start other by thanking the New York Islanders organization Mr Botta/Mr Witt responding to my-email (Mr Botta's kind words about the blog) and extending this honor to a thirty year plus Islander fan who has owned, written or moderated two successful Islander communities over a seven year period thanks to the members at both sites and our regular visitors at this blog barely three months old for their support.

My special thanks and appreciation also goes out to Mr Prospects who goes onto the message board here almost daily and even on a new board generating very little posting beyond my own topics has taken his time and efforts to do daily updates for us on how Islander prospects are doing on a game by game basis.

The last thing I wanted to see was my blog given any special announcement. I do what I do here, at Islanders-Sound Tigers and Hockey's Future over the years simply because I enjoy it. I have no interest in any spotlight or special attention and felt this was my way of giving something back to the Islanders for all their efforts and for all the great hockey memories they have given me for over thirty years. This blog is not about myself, it's about the New York Islanders. It's going to be positive and critical depending on how the club does but it will also be honest and provide a good digest of daily information and game analysis.

Everyone has their own skills. I'm not interested in going to the blog box or interviewing players and feel there are a lot of younger folks who have a career opportunity in front of them and I do not think that is where my best abilities
are. If you came here looking for someone who will provide breaking news or first hand insider information that's not what I do either. When it comes to rumors I prefer to be dead last and a hundred percent correct when I post information here because I am not a member of the media and will not pretend to be an expert on anything because that's not fair to you.

I blog about the Islanders and give personal perspectives on things I read from media or things I'm interested in discussing regarding Islander hockey.

I feel what I do with this blog is where I can best serve the Islander fan community by providing a quality blog I think our fans will want to visit, contribute to themselves and enjoy.

Finally for those curious what's going to change here at NYI Fan Central now that it is linked to the Islanders blog box?

Absolutely nothing. What you have seen with this site is what you get and I hope to continue to do this to the best of my ability as I always have and let the quality speak for itself.

Thanks again to all the folks who have come here and supported this blog or who have e-mailed me with their kind words and support.

And with that let's get back to the hockey.