Islander News Artifcles 10/11:

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Newsday: Greg Logan's recap of the game talks about how the Isles will juggle seven defenders, Berard's impact, Bergeron's goal which was the club's first three on three goal since 1981.

"I know playing seven can be frustrating," Berard said. "You're in the game, you're out of the game. It's a tough decision for the coaching staff."

Newsday: Mark Herrman does a feature on Berard.

"I don't take things for granted now," he said. "I did have the game taken away from me for about a year and a half with the eye and almost [the same] with the back. I just love to play."

"What really led us to believe he was ready was his commitment to foot his own bill and stay here and want to be part of this," Nolan said.

"It would be kind of tough for me to describe what 'B' has been through because it's harder than anything I've been through," said Bill Guerin, the captain. "Now, obviously, it showed tonight. He's a big part of our team."

Newsday: Steve Zipay's Ranger centric coverage.

"If we were in a situation where we're not getting chances, that's when you've got to worry. What can you say? Three games in, Ricky played awesome. We threw everything at him."

New York Times: Ranger beatwriter Lynn Zinser had commentary from DiPietro and the Islanders.

“We came together pretty quickly here,” said Bill Guerin, the Islanders’ new captain. “In my opinion, the closer the guys are off the ice, the closer we’ll be on the ice. We’re not a star-studded team. We’re hard workers who have to play together. If we don’t play together, we don’t win any games.”

“We’ve got guys here who are selfless guys, who don’t mind jumping headfirst, feet first, whatever they can do to stop pucks,” DiPietro said. “That carries a lot of weight in close games like this.”

Daily News: Brian Bohl did another Islander game recap centered around Berard.

"I came in to prove I'm healthy," said Berard, who also suffered a career-threatening eye injury in 2000. "We came into the season with high expectations. I'm feeling good. I'm only going to get better."

"I can't imagine losing sight in one eye and continue to play at this level, and he's able to do that," DiPietro said about his new teammate. "We're excited to have him."

Daily News: John Dellapina's Ranger centric coverage credited Rick DiPietro.

Journal News: Sam Weinman would have looked good in the blog box for the Rangers considering all the positives he found in another Ranger loss but does quote Berard.

New York Post: Larry Brooks did not even mention the Islanders or send Dan Martin out to get the home team's perspective. Considering Martin in his very limited space Monday wasted it on attendance not sure anything lost here.

Ct Post: Michael Foranbaio's Ct Post blog has an eight minute video interview with the beatwriter previewing the Sound Tigers.

Ct Post: article is on Frans Nielsen.