Islander News Artilcles 10/29

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Newsday: John Jeansonne has an early Monday update on the how the club will have to pick itself up from the loss Saturday with comments from Mike Sillinger, Rick DiPietro, Ted Nolan and Bill Guerin.

Bill Guerin:
"Everyone's got to pick themselves up," "It was a rough night for us. But we're going to play the rest of our games."

Mike Sillinger:
"You could say it was the layoff, but I think they were the better team, the hungrier team. You could say we were rusty, but one thing we had was energy. And we still have a lot of .energy left. I guess it's just back to the drawing board. Go to work and get out of a little funk here."

Rick DiPietro:
"Just figure out what I did wrong and what can be worked on." "And forget about it."

Media Blog: Chris Botta's blog explains how the post game interview process works between player and media and what league rules are in an interesting read for those who did not know.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I would love to see this staff have the media pressure of a Stanley Cup final at Nassau Coliseum as a reward for all they do. I remember when Howard Milstein purchased the team and had his press conference and brought in the Stanley Cup Chris Botta did not like the idea and his initial instincts were correct.