Islander odds and ends for Monday.

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Cory Witt's media blog: Had some interesting updates today. (below)

USA Today: Kevin Allen ranks Garth Snow as having done the best job of diagnosing their problems and fixing them:

USA Today: A.J Perez did a Q/A with Bryan Berard prior to his injury that was released today.

On other fronts:

Espn: In the no news is great news department Scott Burnside ignores the Islanders in this article that deals with coaches who could be on the hotseat among other things.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio updated his blog this afternoon. Apparently coach Jack Capuano had a few meetings and is making some changes. Joey MacDonald returned to the club but for the moment the Sound Tigers are carrying three goaltenders.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I find it interesting that a 5-3 record merits the same snap-judgements of praise from some in the media as the ones who were killing Snow last summer. It's a long season and we'll see what kind of club the Islanders are as we move forward. So far I see some good and very bad trends which did have me asking was the season at the crossroads in terms of it's scoring from it's forwards which is a question that will linger.

This is like those articles that claim the Islanders wanted to keep everyone but omit the part about how they were not even given offers near market value to stay to claim it was still an exodus by the players.

The article on Berard he talks about his groin problems, he did play the second peirod for a few shifts. It looked like he got hurt late in the first tumbling over a teammate in his own end for those who taped the game.