Islanders Powerplay among the best.

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Islanders website: Has a little feature on the power play today. Ted Nolan had some praise for assistant coach Gerard Gallant who credited the players on both units.

"We told the guys right from the start it's about getting pucks to the net and putting traffic in front," said Gallant. "You need to get screens in front of the goalies and crash the net. Our guys have been paying the price in front of the net and that's led to our success. Just look at the two power play goals against New Jersey. Comrie scored the first one, but we had three guys around the net. It was the same for the overtime goal. They're not trying to be cute."

"Guerin has been in this league a long time, so he knows when to move in and out from in front of the net," said Gallant. "Comrie is our set up guy, who is very skilled working the corners. But he also goes hard to the net to score on those jam plays. Fedotenko has been the guy in front screening the goalie and making it difficult for the defense."

"You can't forget about the second unit," said Gallant. "They've been just as strong working the puck down low and getting it to the net."

"Our defensemen have done a good job of moving their feet and getting involved," said Gallant. "They've been effective at getting pucks through and not having them blocked. Even if their shots don't go in, they're creating big rebounds for our forwards."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Do not want to downplay success but this power play has been more about throwing the puck at the goal and having it go in. Kind of like Bill Guerin's first goal against Washington where with a five on three he took an outside shot because the club could generate nothing down low and it got past Kolzig. It counts and they add up over eighty two games but what you want are cross ice passes down low scored which are the kind of plays the goaltender cannot stop. So far we have seen very little of this from the Islander power play and only a lot of peripheral movement and lower percentage shots.

The good news is we have seen a power play that is generating a lot of goals from the defenders unlike last season and that's the one obvious change under Gallant.

Bad news is to stay a top power play in the long run the Islanders are going to have to create some skilled chances down low. As nice as Vasicek's goal was on the pp he was alone because Satan's shot was blocked and it went to him, it was not off a pass.