Boston 2, New York 1

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Islanders Website/Jason Lockhart/AP: Has the recap of today's 2-1 loss to the Boston Bruins.

"Our power play wasn’t clicking and we have to go back to the drawing board,” said Ted Nolan. “We were stationary out there and the confidence isn’t there. We’re holding onto the puck too long and it’s making it easy to defend against it. When things are struggling you squeeze the stick too tight.”

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Seven games since this team scored more than two goals in a game. They looked totally lost with a two man advantage and another pp down the stretch.

This was a Boston team that looked very content and were waiting to get beat.

It's a game last year's team takes to overtime and gets at least a point out of. One goal off a rush from Sillinger is not acceptable. Thomas made a few good saves but Islander pressure did not create a chance he could not stop.

Unless they plan on playing perfect defense and goal this team cannot win unless some players start scoring. DiPietro cannot let in a goal like that to Glen Metropolit with no offensive support which is unfair but how things are when your offense does not produce.

Another two points handed away because this team cannot put the puck in the net to save themselves. They basically slept through the entire first period and Thomas did not have to make a single tough save. After looking terrible against Montreal to come out and play a first period like this is not a good sign. I wonder why Nolan was so happy before the start of the second with that effort coming off a loss?

Defense was not the problem, they made some big hits but unless they plan on setting another record for most one goal games they are going to be in trouble because some players on offense look completely lost and it's well beyond a game or two.

Bill Guerin was shooting from every bad angle he could find. The words say one thing while his offense game looks totally lost. Can Andy Hilbert take a shot without his stick breaking? When a player who had six goals last season is your best offensive player you got big trouble.

It's not one game where Tim Thomas stole two points and played great, it's more about this team as a whole looking lost on offense.

It is now three of forty on the pp?

Islanders have to start scoring some goals or this is going to snowball into a long losing streak.