NYI Fan Central Update: Polls, Q & A

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/23/2007 09:24:00 AM | |

A few quick blog updates for everyone:

Thanks for the response to the first poll and especially the e-mails with your support for the site. I know a poll about a site is kind of boring but I wanted a little more feedback on the site itself for the first poll. A vote for the prospect center was appreciated.

Second poll and all subsequent polls will be hockey centric and the latest one addresses concerns about the team on the ice.

Don't be shy about e-mailing or responding on the blog or message board.

I altered some video feeders because the content it produced were not Islander Hockey related. I added in a new one that has more postgame interviews.

I also changed some news feeders because a few were simply repeating articles.

I had three questions I did not answer so a quick mailbag Q & A:

Just wondering where Nystrom & Tonelli were on Al Arbour night?
Nystrom If I recall did come out with the alumni for the banner raising. I'm not sure about John Tonelli but he has been at so many of these events it's impossible to speculate. The core of four weekend later may see Tonelli, Potvin and a few others who did not attend.

Can you get better video's for the site?
I put up a link to the ITV video's from their RSS. The google, yahoo, youtube video feeds come from fans and you get a lot of good stuff and a few things not hockey related that I do not want here so I am being cautious.

What's the deal with Kyle Okposo struggling?
He lost his linemate and the club has been struggling but for me to guess about the Golden Gophers would not be fair. What's reported in the paper by the coach about Kyle Okposo's play and his own comments tell his story far better than myself.

Finally a quick thanks to the Islanders Cory Witt for doing a media blog update and including NYI Fan Central that was very kind and unexpected. I usually like to check to see if I miss some articles they put into their occasional digest of articles.

That's how I found out this morning when I looked.