Forbes NHL estimates, SBJ Turnkey Survey

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/08/2007 07:12:00 PM | | | | Michael K. Ozanian and Kurt Badenhausen today released it's the yearly article on NHL franchise value so I put what they think of the Islanders here as they are listed with an eleven million operating loss including their guess work on the club's television deal.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Michael K. Ozanian has been doing these articles guessing on teams revenue, profit loss and franchise value since before the lockout. During the lockout this person appeared on Msg Network and sounded like an NHLPA spokesman calling for teams he did not care about to be contacted so out of control player contracts from corporate ownership could continue.

Bottom line here is this publication has no access to any teams books or what revenue they make and it's all guess work a lot of fans who want information will accept because there is nothing provided by the league. There does seem to be a degree of homer ism in the work as well.

In other words, this report is of no value.

Sports Business Journal: Using a variety of factors in a fan survey for all one hundred twenty plus pro sports teams the Islanders came in at one hundred eleventh.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Survey was not very scientific from the way it's written out at the site and picks a ton of factors that are all based on opinion. New York Yankees were 29th on the list to give everyone an idea how many factors were included. Islanders ranked ahead of the Blackhawks, Coyotes, Capitals but the Devils, Knicks and Nets were 105th, 106th and & 108th respectively. Rangers were at 95th with the Jets 65th and the Giants 56th.

Given the Islanders have been to four playoffs in the last five years and the Devils success it's tough to even guess how this was drawn up if the Knicks are ahead of any local team.

Multi Channel News: Reports Islander ratings are up two hundred and fifty percent this season to a 0.21 rating for the initial six games despite most games being shown on restricted access FSN-2 and television ratings are up big for all three teams.

Imagine if the Islander telecasts were in HD and on FSN where everyone had access or if Msg actually promoted the club and put some of the ITV programming on that network.

Also pay attention to the disclaimer on Network officials giving these ratings reports because that means Msg which is false spin by Garden suits.

When games against the Rangers are blacked out on Time Warner in New York Msg is credited with a double rating because opposing fans cannot view their own broadcast.