Islander News Articles 11/9: Charles Wang

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Newsday Mark Herrmann does an article on team owner Charles Wang that's a must read. Mr Wang and is not shy about looking back at his tenure as owner, poking some fun at himself and apparently will do whatever he can to help the club in terms of importing talent or getting more involved if the team struggles. He also talked about his head coach and what they share.

On the team as the season progresses:
"I know we're going to have our ups and we're going to have our downs," he said. "I'll go through it with them. I'll be there with them."

On Al Arbour coaching Saturday:
Al was just over the moon," Wang said. "And he did work. People don't realize it, but he studied films. He said he didn't know the players, but I told him, 'Don't worry, you'll have a headset on and I'll be upstairs talking to you.' He goes, 'Oh, no!' "

On his commitment to the Islanders for the long haul:
"I don't think it's anything specific to one night. I think people see and will continue to see we're trying to bring back the success," he said. "My view isn't just one game, my view is the much bigger horizon."

On Ted Nolan and the team:
"Teddy is a guy who was beaten down. And not being accepted, I probably understand that better than most owners, what it is to sort of not belong,"

"I think Teddy appreciates this opportunity. He's got a lot of interpersonal skills. His job is to get the most out of the players and make them feel this is a team. And they'd better enjoy playing because happy people do great things."

On the club's cohesion and players focusing on stats:
"We've got to get Satan going" instead of focusing on their own statistics (Satan has scored the winner in each of the past two games). If the team has rough spots, Wang said, "We'll tweak it," implying the Islanders might import talent.

If the team keeps going well, he promises to be quiet:
"Good leaders take less of the credit and more of the blame. You gave me a lot of the blame. But it comes with the territory. That's what sports is about,"

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not going to overquote often from articles but it's the first comments from Mr Wang in a long time. Aside from his curious comment on Satan he did a very good job and has seemed to learn from past mistakes. Win or lose this year he should extend Nolan's contract, he's part of the solution for the long-term. Interesting he did not comment on his gm but may not have been asked.

Newsday: Greg Logan updates his blog on the injuries to Berard, Bates and Bergenheim.

“When I come back, it’s going to be a totally new situation,” Bergenheim said recently. “Richard has been playing well on that line. My goal is to play myself into that role again. We’ll see how it goes. It’s not up to me. It’s all up to the coaches.”

In addition to his shoulder problem, Bergenheim also suffered a finger injury when he was slashed. “There’s no point at this time of the season to play hurt,” he said. “We figured we’d give it one more week to get my body 100 percent again. Now, it feels much better, so, I’m pretty confident. I would say Saturday is pretty realistic to come back.”

NYI Fan Cental Comments:
Anything is possible but Nolan as a rule never changes a lineup when the club wins, if there are any doubt to Bergenheim or Berard, Ted Nolan will dress the same lineup.

This is Bryan Berard were talking about here, when it comes to his injury history you play it as safe as you can and go slow because the next injury could mean his season.

Newaday: Elizabeth Moore has an update on the Lighthouse Project which the plans are about to be submitted to the Town of Hempstead.