Islander/NHL notables

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Newsday: Greg Logan updated his blog with Mike Sillinger, Rick DiPietro, Chris Campoli and Ted Nolan commenting on what went wrong with the special teams in the loss. Some things in the newspaper are repeated on Berard returning if he's cleared to play.

Dallas Stars Website: Report GM Doug Amrstrong was fired today with a 7-7 record after making the playoffs four years in a row by owner Tom Hicks.

“As an owner I have to be responsible for one person in Hockey Operations and that is the General Manager of the team,” said Hicks. “I thought that the team needed a change in direction. I know that change can be healthy and it was my determination that this move needed to be made. I want the Dallas Stars to return to being one of the elite teams in the league.

“Doug has been a great member of this organization for 17 years and has been a big part of the success we have had here in Dallas, starting under Bob Gainey and winning seven division titles, two Presidents’ Trophies, making two consecutive Stanley Cup Finals appearances and winning the Stanley Cup in 1999. He has been our General Manager for the past five years, and we’ve been to the playoffs the past four seasons.”

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Hicks has always been a very tough owner to work for and now that he cannot overspend as he did in the past someone had to pay the price for a mediocre start and in this case the long-time GM pays the price instead of coach Dave Tippett. Hicks is the man who also runs the Texas Rangers and signed Alex Rodriguez to a two hundred fifty million dollar contract which he would up paying part of just to trade him.

The Star Paul Hunter did one of countless articles on the latest Sean Avery, Darcy Tucker disgrace with Leaf shockjock from FAN590 Howard Berger in the middle because a New York Ranger player supposedly told Berger, Avery made an insulting commment to former Islander Jason Blake about his medical condition which Tucker responded to which triggered a pre game warmup incident. Avery and Tucker have met with Colin Campbell to see if and fines or suspensions are issued.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This league would be far better off without Avery, Tucker or Howard Berger's involvement in any way because all three are about drawing attention to themselves. Good thing it's hockey because it may be a story in Canada but here it's a non-story here unless someone needs another excuse to not cover hockey.

So much for that Hall of Fame event when this stupidity tarnishes it and hockey's images. Campbell wants to make long suspensions for violence and make statements he has to do the same with this kind of conduct. Issue suspensions and hold the coaches accountable for their players conduct. That's why bench clearing brawls ended and that's how they will eliminate this.

Let's see Avery get five games, Tom Renney get five games for instigating and Tucker and Paul Maurice get two games. And if someone on the Islanders are involved let them be suspened without pay.

That's how you stop this for good.

Updated 6pm: Releases the typical polished Msg statement from Avery where everything is denied, the league let's both players off with fines.