How will you feel on Feb 21st?

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These were my post game comments after the Pens game last week on Chris Simon and after the Islanders announced their statement.

I hope long suspension or not, the Islanders send Chris Simon's idea of character packing as soon as possible because there is no call for that kind of conduct and clearly at this point in his career he cannot control his temper. If Ted Nolan cannot separate his loyalty to Simon from his player actions here he is part of the problem.

After the Islanders released their statement Monday:
If Chris Simon needs counseling, I hope he receives it and the club supports him in that endeavor. Having written that I have serious doubts he will ever wear an Islander uniform again.

Personally, if I were Chris Simon I would announce my retirement but I can only speak for myself. Only he knows if playing hockey brings this reaction from him.

Point Blank: Chris Botta had a fascinating blog Friday about the Islanders decision to support Chris Simon and about how Charles Wang is loyal to his people when they have problems.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I respect Mr Botta's perspective and Charles Wang here for looking out for their employees as a good company should. In terms of Chris Simon playing hockey again for the New York Islanders I cannot change my opinion from what I wrote after the Pens game.

If Ted Nolan or Charles Wang wants to support Chris Simon off the ice, that's fine because that's the right thing to do. In terms of supporting him in terms of returning to play hockey games I think that's something Ted Nolan and Charles Wang should not support and distance themselves from.

Bottom line here is how will Charles Wang and Ted Nolan feel if something else happens on ice after February 21st with Chris Simon? What if playing hockey brings this reaction out of him now and what if he needs that kind of emotion to defend and compete as an enforcer at this point in his career?

How are they going to feel if Simon returns and contributes nothing because he is worried about another incident? Anyone who has seen his recent games saw some poor penalties out of frustration.

Is it worth taking that risk for Chris Simon at this point in his life after two horrible incidents that cannot be defended to find out?

If Charles Wang or Ted Nolan wants to support Chris Simon the best thing they can do is find another job for him off the ice. To allow him to return again to me is only part of the problem and not something they should support.

Not my decision and I could be wrong, I'm no insider but this is how I see it.