New York 4, Pittsburgh 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/22/2007 07:04:00 AM |

Islanders website: Has the recap of the Islanders 4-2 win at Pittsburgh Friday night.

"It's been a long time since we had a cushion like that," said head coach Ted Nolan about the two-goal lead the Islanders generated in the third period. "It was nice to have that lead and be conformable on the bench. It was great to see Andy and Comeau get big goals for us. It doesn't matter where they come from. We got a good effort from the guys tonight."

"Blake Comeau and Tim Jackman made nice plays," said Hilbert about his third goal of the season. "I don't know if it found the back of the net but it went in. Comeau is wise beyond his age, and a great player to play with."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Islanders needed two points here any way possible and got them, that's the bottom line here and at the end of the night the scoreboard had four goals listed for New York.

Comeau, Jackman and Hilbert were the Islanders best line all night. I'm glad Ted Nolan stuck to his merit system and had Comeau and Hilbert on the ice at the end of the four minute powerplay where that give and go with Comeau was his best play of the night, not his goal.

The transition on Hilbert's goal was perfect, Comeau's skill to thread the puck to Jackman who made a perfect feed to Hilbert bought him time for his shot.

Satan's line made a nice play in the opening minute that got them a goal from a high quality area.

The transition goal from Hunter right after Comeau's was outstanding and what this team should be doing every game. Nice rush will skilled chances and a shot Sabourin had no chance on. Pittsburgh looked a little tired in the third but for the most part easily contained the Islanders for the better part of two periods which is an old story given the lack of speed on this roster. They take too long to get into position on offense.

DiPietro did his job and for the most part so did the pk, who could have folded after Bergenheim's selfish elbow and arguing penalty. I'm glad Nolan stuck with him because as usual he was one of the most noticeable Islanders in terms of hard work.

Instead of looking at the downside which there was a lot of as usual, for this game I prefer to just talk about the win. Tonight the fourth line won the game for them and it was very impressive.

Hopefully it's the start of something, that was one nice shot by Comeau.