Islander Nation Radio Show

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/11/2007 09:58:00 PM |

Tuesday night I discovered an Islander Internet radio show called Islander Nation that does a very good job talking Islander hockey that I encourage the folks to call into that has a regular show on Tuesday night at 7:30pm.

I made a call and had a good time talking Islander Hockey and they were kind enough to keep me on for an extended time. I included their link on this blog for those interested.


I was very impressed with the quality information and hockey knowledge brought to the discussion. High marks to the folks behind the program which is hosted by Steve, Tony and I think their blogger Zach was a guest or a regular.

Islanders are doing very well in the internet radio department with quality programs like this and Hockey Night on Long Island hosted by Alex and Steve which is on Saturday afternoon's at 3:30pm most weeks.

This concept as an old-time fan is something new to me as a fan and great to discover some outlet's with knowledgeable hockey fans working so hard to bring dedicated programs with this level of content.

As I used to tell my old co-mod at HF (you know who you are) there is an opportunity here in this hockey market for folks to break through into mainstream hockey channels. The Islanders need all the die-hard passionate fans in the media business they can find.

My perspective on this is the lack of passionate coverage is hurting the club's exposure on several levels, starting with attendance.

To both sites keep up the excellent work.