Msg Network forces Isles to FSN-2

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/12/2007 11:39:00 AM | |
The Msg meal ticket Knicks plays on Msg tonight so the Garden needing the best possible chance at a descent Ranger rating does not move the Rangers to Msg-2, which would produce a terrible rating, but moves the Islanders to FSN-2 and puts their own teams game on FSN.

Life with Msg owning the local rights to four hockey teams which includes the Buffalo Sabres.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This is why the Islander ratings have been low for years which is what media people like Neil Best, Richard Sandomir, Bob Raissman and Phil Mushnick do not consider when discussing hockey ratings once or twice a year as filler in their articles. All they write is no one is watching the Islanders in their limited research on the subject.

I used to like Mr Mushnick's work because he always wrote about media injustices, but when it comes to his own paper not hiring an Islander beatwriter he has selective amnesia or is prohibited from writing anything on the subject.

The Knicks played one game on these overflow stations last year and got only a 0.2 in their final regular season game a year ago.

Where I watch the game on Time Warner Cable in New York the game is not even advertised on the cable program guide, it's the TV Guide channel. Unless you are a die hard fan knowing the channel will be activated at game time you will not find it. If you do not own a computer you will have no chance at even knowing the Islanders are playing.