A Quick NYI Fan Central Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/15/2007 02:48:00 AM |

Some minor tweaks again this week to the blog, feeders were down for a few hours.

Blogger changed it's header format, that may force me to change some things and look at other formats but for now the full logo is posted, even though I prefer it be at the top of the blog in the header.

Please excuse any possible glitches or format changes as I work behind the scenes.

The text was made smaller but sharper.

A personalized scoreboard with the logo was added, the Fox Sports scoreboard was moved just above the media section in the middle of the page.

All game blogs will have the live scoreboard posted added. I will do what I can with live play by play charts but NHL.com does not add them until minutes before the puck drops.

Espn News ticker added to media section.
Espn standings page added and adjustable for what you want to view.
Schedule schmapplet feature seems to be updating right after games on weeknights and has the full eighty two games with scores.

Sound Tigers section has a live scoreboard and schedule section now, just follow instructions. The link added below that for live Sound Tigers games goes directly to their AHL score sheet and updates during the game.

Feel free to make use of the message board to talk about the games or view Mr Prospects updates which he does a great job at almost daily.

For those who wish to please start your own hockey topics on the message board, all I ask is it's hockey-related.

Also don't be shy about feedback in the blogs entries or what you think about the page itself.

Thanks again for all the e-mails and support, page views is now over 13,000.