So what is New York Islander Fan Central About?

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/02/2007 12:08:00 PM |

I thought on this snowy Sunday in New York today would be a good time to write about what New York Islander Fan Central is about and why I am doing a blog.

It's not the first time I have written about this but today I plan to expand my answers a bit on the subject.

I'm doing a blog because I am a life-long Islander fan who has seen the club play hockey from as far back as it's inception with a passion and background on the club to where I can speak from long experience as a fan I can bring perspective that is of value.

I remember the Kate Smith game in 1975 being televised to the current day's telecasts on FSN. I have seen the best of the New York Islanders, the worst of the teams history and everything in between. I have owned my own mailing list for seven years on yahoo called Islander-Sound Tigers, was prospect editor at Hockey's Future for three years and moderated their message board for five years. I have a strong cyberspace background on what's been written about the club as well as my own perspective over the years regarding the club and the media covering it.

Unlike the media covering our games these updates will be passionate about the team and why the New York Islander games are of such importance to fans all over the
Tri-State area and across North America.

I feel I can present insights and background on the club, the games and the coverage that I feel are lacking in the cyberspace communities. It also seems few websites present daily coverage of news/website articles on the Islanders and Sound Tigers along with anything that is featured on the club on a daily basis year-round including a mix of NHL related subjects.

This is also a blog that will hold the media's coverage and perspective under the spotlight and ask questions about their work and what motivates them.

This is not a blog in the Islanders blog box that will attend games or interview players. I felt from the beginning that was not to my best skills and I should not take up a spot that should be for fans who are interested in a career in hockey journalism. The Islanders Chris Botta understood this and added my blog after the season started. This is not a blog for me to make a name for myself or to become a journalist, it's a blog to help the New York Islanders in the cyberspace community. It will be among the most active in terms of updates, pull no punches on the club whether it's positive or critical and it will be done from the fan perspective.

New York Islander Fan Central is not interested in breaking news, scoops or gossip regarding trade rumors or breaking news for our fans. My promise to the readers is to be last to confirm a news story but always correct with what's being posted here so you are provided with quality information when you visit this site.

If a rumor appears with a credible media source attached to it, it will be posted here for discussion. As a blogger I am not a credible media source nor will I pretend to be because that's not fair to you.

I'm only interested in quality, not quantity here. I feel there is enough hockey to post or discuss without that. I think it's fair to say at this point what you see here is what you will continue to get here.

It goes without writing it again I am thrilled with all the e-mails and support for this blog and all the folks who have visited in such a short time and my thanks to everyone.