Edmonton 4, New York 0

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Islanders website: Has the recap of Monday's 4-0 loss against the Edmonton Oilers.

"This is the second game in a row we didn't skate," said head coach Ted Nolan. "We showed spurts but we need a consistent effort from everyone all game. We can't have 50% or 75% of our guys working. We have to play as a team. Our whole game has been in a funk the last two games. If you don't work you won't get any chances. We have to get back to grinding out games. In the second period there was a lapse and we didn't skate. It gets frustrating when we do this. We had everything prepared, everything seemed right before the game and then we just laid a big egg."

"Edmonton feeds off transition," said DiPietro. "They did that in the second period, creating those two-on-one chances. On those odd-man rushes they found a way to put the puck in the net."

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Shutout by a team that has not won a game in regulation since early December. Two games against two weak teams and one goal by Tim Jackman. Islanders cannot afford another stretch with no scoring.

Islanders are not giving DiPietro much help either, nor did he bail them out of a few goals but you don't score and you likely will not get any points. If this is the game the Islanders wanted to prove something I hate to see one they could care less about.

Robert Luongo, Calgary and Ottawa up next. Those last two games were the easiest games on the schedule.

Newsday: Greg Logan had two of his longer blogs of the season. One with in depth comments on the paths of Robert Nilsson and Marc-Andre Bergeron. The other his second most passionate blog ever which was about an eighteen hour trip from Denver to Edmonton.

“I don’t really care. I’m not an Oiler anymore. I still have some good memories from here. It’s an old saying: ‘Talk good or bad, but just talk about me.’”

NYI Fan Central Comments:
If Cablevision is allowed to fly Billy Jaffe, Deb Kaufman, Howie Rose, Chris King and Steve Mears on the Islander team plane why not just give Mr Logan or the local print media a seat unless it's against league rules?

As for Mr Logan see how easy it is for him to write when he's passionate about something? This is what the Islanders need (positive or negative) from their hockey writers.